being MVP: Joovy: Caboose Too Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller

Joovy: Caboose Too Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller


My kiddos love being outdoors which is great because Spring weather has hit and it's the perfect time to hit the parks, including amusement parks.  The Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight is perfect for them because they are close in age (petite 3 year old and meaty 7 months old - today!). 
When I took the stroller out of the box for assembly I was happy to find that minimal work needed to be done before it was ready to go.  The wheels were put on as well as the hood and parent organizer.  This literally took minutes.  A very thoughtful gesture on the part of Joovy in realizing that parents usually don't have time to spends hours assembling baby products :) 
The Caboose Too Ultralight is a fantastic compact double stroller weighing in at about 21 pounds in the stand-on mode and approximately 23 pounds in the too mode.  After toting around two children, my back is so in need of some chiropractic adjustment that a lightweight stroller is a godsend plus Hubs doesn't complain about taking this in and out of the trunk if I ask him. 
Kenzie can sit or stand on the back depending on her mood.  When she prefers walking she can just hop off.  This is a great feature because although tots around 3 years old are gaining a sense of independence and exploration, their little legs get tired at times and want to rest.  The padded handles are just the right size for Kemzie to grasp onto and she enjoys "zoom zoom" in this mode.
The full size rear seat is super easy to install onto the existing rear bench and stroller frame.  Just place on top of bench, pull the safety belt through the bottom, a few snaps and velcro attachments and voila - ready!  The Caboose Too seat reclines and has a 5 point harness.  It can be used from 6 months of age to a max weight of 45 pounds.  Although Mason can sit in the rear, I placed Kenzie in it so she could learn that not everything new is hers and she needs to share with her brother.  Good thing she didn't throw a fuss and climbed right in.  Plus since she was in a full seat with a back, she was happy.
As you can see, the stroller is compact in profile and not bulky as others.  Both kids are comfortable for a short ride to the neighborhood park and all day at an amusement park. 
I was afraid of possible stroller theft at the amusement park but was assured by my friends that there is a silent code of no stealing at Disney.  The stroller was in every parking spot I left it in.  I saw many Joovy Caboose Ultralight strollers that day and several people asked me about the too seat.  I was glad to be among those select that had their children ride in style and comfort.  
A unique feature of the Caboose Too Ultralight, in addition to the huge underneath basket, are the side pockets on both sides of the basket.  I easily placed a baby carrier, jacket/sweater, hats, etc. for our day.  There is a velcro closure in case you want to place smaller items for storage. 
My favorite parent organizer ever - made of a stretchy neoprene material - has two cupholders with storage space on one side and a zippered pocket on the reverse side.  You just slip it over the handlebar and it's ready to use.  This thing is durable and can even accomodate the souvenir cup.  
The five point harness on the front seat was easy to adjust for Mason and he was secure and ready to roll.  There are 3 height adjustments for the strap so many more years of strolling for our family.  
While the feet of the child in the rear seat go into the storage basket, the front child gets an adjustable footrest.  It can go all the way up for infants like Mason or down for longer legs like Kenzie's. 


This double stroller also comes with a universal car seat adapter.  Just snap off the snack tray and place the adapter right on.  Make sure to recline the front seat before placing the car seat onto the bar.  There are visual instructions right on the adapter in case you forget how to use.  The straps for extra security are located right inside the side pockets next to the front seat - clever right? 
It's so easy to use and perfect for when Mason falls asleep in his carseat.  I can leave the adapter in the trunk.  You can see that Kenzie still has plenty of room when Mason is in his car seat on the stroller. 
The shade is huge and the range spans the entire stroller.  You can adjust it meet the sun as you stroll.  This is a huge plus as I like to keep my wee ones sunburn free :)

The fold is also an important feature of a stroller because when you have two or more tots to look after, you don't want to fumble around.  I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of close - just pull up on the two red tabs on each side of the stroller and push forward to close. 

The folded size is fantastic in that it is only a wee bit larger than a standard stroller.  It doesn't take up the entire trunk and the view isn't obstructed. 
Easily portable, smooth suspension, easy to nap and snack, two happy kiddos = satisfied parent.  This is the perfect stroller for any type of outing and travel.
If you already have the awesome Joovy Caboose, Caboose Ultralight or Big Caboose stroller just get the Caboose Too Seat to maximize usage with your young child(ren).
Joovy carries so many amazing products for use from birth to preschool age including balance bikesjogging strollers, highchairs and more!
Buy It:  You can purchase the Caboose Too Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller for $299.99. 
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