being MVP: Baby Bjorn: Babysitter Balance & Travel Crib Light 2

Baby Bjorn: Babysitter Balance & Travel Crib Light 2

Mason is now a bit more aware of his surroundings and wants to explore yet cannot do so on his own.  Moreover, he wants to be carried around all the time.  I can't put him down in the seats and sleepers for more than a few minutes as I used to when he was a few months old.  I was at my wit's end until the Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance arrived.  

It was ready for use out of the box and I just raised the seat to the middle position.  There are 3 positions: play, rest and sleep.  It's super simple to adjust the height as you just push the lever and click into place at your desired position.  


Since I really needed a place to put Mason while getting ready for work and eating, the rest position was best.  From the first moment I placed him in, he was calm meaning he didn't need to picked up within a few minutes.  Hallelujah! 

The babysitter balance has an ergonimic design that is just genius which features a molded seat for baby's comfort.  There are no batteries needed to make this baby move.  Just the slightest movement from Mason gives him a calm and natural rocking feature.  After seeing Mason move, Kenzie wanted to climb in but I caught her.  Although this seat is good from newborn to approximately 2 years of age (8-29 lbs) and Kenzie is about 26 lbs, I didn't want her to get into the habit of taking over Mason's things.

One of my favorite features is that the fabric can easily be taken off and thrown in the wash.  When Mason was on his antibiotics, I accidently spilled some (pink!) on the fabric and it came out with ease.  As you can see below, the harness is not restrictive like other baby bouncers and uses a simple button type closure.  I don't even have to undo the side for Mason - I just place him in through the top and take him out.  So quick and easy when one has minimal time in the mornings.  He is happy and content when I give him a toy to play with and Kenzie likes that he is close to the floor so she can bug play with him.  A wooden toy bar (how adorable is this?) is also available from Baby Bjorn as well as extra fabric seats.    

The compact fold is the plus in that it can easily be moved from room to room and taken while traveling.  I have recommended this to many friends and will continue to recommend (2 friends are currently pregnant right now!) as this is a definite must have for peace :)  Baby's peace right? 

Mason also received the Travel Crib Light 2 and it is amazing.  This the best in that it is super lighweight (11 lbs including the case) and takes only seconds to set up and break down.  There is NO assembly required.  Just pull out of the bag, unfold, lock the legs into place, place the mattress inside the crib and you are ready to use.  I really couldn't believe it and guess who was right next to me ready to climb in?  Hint: It wasn't Mason. 

The mattress is sturdy and pretty thick.  The travel crib does not come with a sheet so I need to purchase one.  When I put Mason down he seemed to like it and wanted to move.... soon baby soon.  No cries to be picked up so I am delighted.  Although this is technically a travel crib, it can be used as a safe place for baby in other rooms of the house as well as at the grandparents.  I can't wait to take this to visit my mama in FL as well as on our vacations.  

The full 360 degree mesh is fabulous because once Mason is mobile and able to play/stand, he will feel part of the surrounding room instead of penned in a box.  He will also be able to use this for some time because it is recommended for newborns to approximately 3 years of age.  

The folding up process is super easy: remove the mattress, fold with the base and put inside bag, turn the crib upside down and release one leg at a time and fold/lay down diagonally and insert into bag.  Seriously takes seconds and you are done.  Another favorite feature of mine is that the crib can be washed!  Yes I said it and you read it.  Just unzip  the fabric, release from the legs and toss in the washing machine. 

I highly recommend both products I reviewed, not only because they are the easiest to use out of many I have tried, you can't beat the quality and durability of Baby Bjorn.  They also carry kitchen and bathroom products as well as the well-known baby carriers.  I purchased several kitchen and bathroom products for Kenzie and they have held up so well that Mason will be able to use once he is older.  

Buy It:  You can purchase the Babysitter Balance for $142.77 and Travel Crib Light 2 for $211.91 (at Amazon).  You can find it online and in stores.

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  1. My kids had a bouncer similar to this, although not of this high quality, and loved bouncing in it. Fell asleep many times too. This looks very nice!

  2. Great products I would say these are a must have for new moms. I would have loved to have had the babysitter seat when my 3 year old was a baby.

  3. Awesome baby equipment. Love the quality of the material as well as the design. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I Like that the seat has 3 positions, that is something not all seats have.

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  6. I always thought the Babysitter Balance looked interesting, but I never knew anyone who had one so I wasn't sure it was worth the money. Your review definitely convinced me that it's worth it. Love that it moves with your baby! I'd love to get one of these for our next little one.

  7. I was so close to getting the babysitter balance for my Adam but chose something else, he's already outgrown it, Does mason sleep on it? My baby has reflux issues so he can't lay down after a feeding for at least 2 hrs so in the middle of the night feedings, he needs to sleep on his bouncy chair. This one looks great for him to watch a little bit of tv in the mornings too :)

  8. We bought the travel crib for my young grandson to take naps in downstairs away from his noisy older brother. He slept so good in that crib! It's so easy to set up and very comfortable.

  9. wish I had that bouncer. my daughter hated the two she had.

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