being MVP: Top Tips to Get Fit for 2013

Top Tips to Get Fit for 2013

Top Tips to Get Fit for 2013
The number one new years resolution for Brits is to lose weight, according to a 2012 study by Channel 4. Losing weight is followed by getting fit and eating more healthily, which, when you roll it all up together more or less amounts to the same thing.
Unfortunately, the same study also found that such resolutions are abandoned by the majority within just one month.
If you’re currently vowing to get fit, healthy and lose weight, give yourself the best possible chance of lasting longer than most by heeding the following top tips:
Plan Your Meals
When trying to stick to a healthier eating plan, planning your meals is wise. This will mean that you’ll have the ingredients in to make healthier meals, making the last minute, late night takeaway a thing of the past.
Shop Online
When doing your shopping online you’re immediately cutting the temptation to stray off the straight and narrow when it comes to your diet. It can be so difficult to resist the sights and smells of your favourite naughty treats – the in-store bakery can be a particular danger zone!
Use the search facility at ASDA supermarket online to find exactly what you need, without being tempted by naughty treats. You can also go straight to the fresh shopping sections, without having to pass less healthy fare as you go.
Choose Exercise You Enjoy
Choosing exercise that you find enjoyable will make any fitness plan much easier to stick to. If you loved team sports at school why not look for a local netball or football team to join? Love to swim? Hit the local pool! There’s so much choice when it comes to getting active that you’re sure to find something that you won’t find a chore. Many swear by the new Zumba trend which combines dance with exercise, and there’s likely to be a class near you making it easy to give it a try!
Variety is the Spice of Life
While it’s important to get into a good routine when it comes to healthier living, remember that variety is the spice of life with both diet and exercise. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in a rut, as a boring routine will be far more difficult to stick to. Mix up your exercise routine and don’t be afraid to try new things. Why not give rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking or horse riding a go? Think outside the box and you’ll keep your routine fresh and exciting.
The same goes for your eating plan. Dining on the same things day in day out will quickly get tiresome, so vary your weekly meals. You’ll find plenty of inspiration for healthy recipes – for everything from quick snacks to three course meals – try the ASDA magazine or online Cook Book for ideas.
Find a Buddy
It will be easier to stick to your healthier lifestyle goals if you have a buddy to encourage you. You should have no trouble finding someone with the same aims at this time of year, so pair up, exercise and share healthy recipes to improve your chances of success.
Following the advices above will give you the best possible chance of making 2013 the year that you keep your healthier living new years resolution – at least until your summer holiday, that is!


  1. Good tips. My goal is to get in shape this year. I haven't actually started besides trying to avoid sweets since I had a baby 6 weeks ago. Once it starts to warm up though I plan to try to get a walk in every day.

  2. I love the variety recommendation. I feel like that's the single worst part about getting it together. People fear rice cakes and boring.

  3. Great tips! I definitely cave when I go to the mall and smell the yummy pretzels

  4. Ugh, this post totally applies to me. I have started walking daily with some friends of mine, but your first tip, planning a meal, is the one that would benefit me the most. For some reason I can't get that down, and my husband and I end up eating something fast and unhealthy.

  5. i think its important to choose an exercise you enjoy! :)

  6. Great tips! Now I need to get started and not be a quitter as usual. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Planning meals is such great advice. I started doing this when DD was born. I take weekends off =) Once a week we eat vegetarian, and once a week DH gets to pick. It definitely helps keep you on a budget.

  8. Having a buddy to go walking with you makes it a whole different story for me! I find it so boring to exercise alone.

  9. What perfect timing for these tips! I'm in a bit of an exercise rut and rather than bribing myself into going to the gym, I think I'll look into a new class or activity to make it interesting again.

  10. These are are some really great ideas, I really need to get active. I am horrible at meal planning I really need to do this.

  11. Thanks for the tips, I have been trying to loose the baby weight, I feel like I start over a lot but I have been doing good for about 3 weeks now!

  12. Having a workout buddy has always been my favorite motivation!

  13. Great tips! I agree that having a buddy keeps me on track.

  14. good tips. I need to start following some of them.

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