being MVP: Elf Magic: A New Family Tradition

Elf Magic: A New Family Tradition

Kenzie is going to be 3 this Christmas and is now aware that her birthday is Christmas day.  Since starting preschool, she has even mentioned Santa.  A fun tradition that I wanted to start with Kenzie (to distinguish Christmas festivities from birthday celebration) is the introduction of Santa's helpers (elves) that become part of your family for a short period of time.  On Thanksgiving I read her the story about Santa and his elves.  Since she can't write yet I said we would "wish" to Santa that an elf would appear for the holidays.  We set out some crackers and water for the elf just in case she was hungry when she arrived at our house.  Then off to bed.
Who would have known an elf named Ellen would arrive super hungry?  She looked through all the cupboards and even peered inside the turkey soup pot for her snack before finding it set out right before her elf eyes on Kenzie's table.  After munching on the crackers and water she decided to check out the foreign fire burning in the fireplace (since her home in the North Pole doesn't have one). 
When Kenzie awoke she found Ellen (who surprisingly looked a bit like Kenzie with her black hair and dark eyes) passed out from the roaring heat and had to rush her to the freezer for aid.  Kenzie nursed Ellen back to health so that she can be ready for some more elfcapades the following night.  During the day Kenzie totes around Ellen like a friend but at night once Kenzie has gone to bed, Ellen wakes to play with a sprinkle of snowflakes.  
It's fun for Kenzie to wake to see what Ellen has been up to and count down the days until Ellen has to leave to help Santa again.  Elf Magic truly exists and lots of adventures to come during the next few weeks!


  1. Such a cute idea, wish I had that when my kids were young!

    April C.

  2. What a great idea I love this! I am going to have to do something like this with my son.

  3. super cute idea!! i think i will implement something like this with my kids too!

  4. What an awesome idea! I am definitely going to do this next year when my little one is a bit older (and can appreciate it!). I'll have to see how creative I can get. :)

  5. Teresa Herrera-HonoresDecember 14, 2012 at 5:02 AM

    i love this!! so many people are doing this!!

  6. I think I want to start this tradition.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com


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