being MVP: Wee Believers: Noah's Ark Foam Tub Toys

Wee Believers: Noah's Ark Foam Tub Toys

My cousin reviewed the Wee Believers Noah's Ark Foam Tub Toys with children and here are her thoughts.

My daughter received the Wee Believers foam tub toys. I am always looking for fun ways to educate my children with bible stories so I was happy to find this Noah's ark set. On the website they have several other Noah's ark products such as stickers and band-aids. This kind of stuff is wonderful for enriching your child's faith through play.

These foam shapes easily stick to the tub walls when wet. They come off easily, are easy to clean, and simply air dry. My daughter has gone through so many bath toys that seem to collect water inside that I've had to throw away because they got mildew. They are designed for ages 3+ but they are non toxic so not a huge problem if baby brother gets a hold of them in the bath.

We talked about the Noah's ark story and my daughter had so much fun acting it out with her new toys. The shapes are stackable so she can stick the animals on the boat to pretend they're boarding the ark. There's even a dove carrying an olive branch. The animals are super cute. They all come in pairs, so each has a partner but are slightly different from one another. My favorite part of these toys is the easy clean up. They come with their own net bag that easily attaches to the tub wall with suction cups so my daughter can quickly collect all the shapes when she's finished with her bath.
Buy ItYou can purchase the Noah's Ark Foam Tub Toys for $14.99. 
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  1. These are really cute toys and another fun way to teach our little ones about the stories in the bible :) Love them! thanks for the review :)

  2. I love toys that have a Biblical little one is just at the age where bath time can also be play time. While the toys are 3+, I think he'd still have fun with them (and I would be ok with it since they're non-toxic). I love how they stick to the wall...if anything, it would give him something to look at. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. These are so neat! I'd love to get some nice bath toys for my son!

  4. These are so cute, my daughter would also love to act out Noah's Ark!

  5. What I cute idea I've never seen these before.

  6. My kids would love these toys! Thanks for the review.

  7. I can totally relate to the toys getting water then mildewy. Yuck! These look so sweet and they tell a story. Great review.

  8. Would love that for my daughter.

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