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Stork Stack Monthly Delivery

Monthly delivery of products specifically geared toward children are becoming increasingly popular.  Stork Stack is unique in that they offer products geared toward baby and mom (even expectant moms have a special box) that are hand-picked valuing at over $50 per box.  The box includes 5 full-size products and vary each month.  Depending upon your baby's age, there may be a slight variation in the toy offered.  Mason's October Stork Stack included the following: Sleepyhead, This is Your Book, Twist Teether, Kind Bars and Apple Apple CD.
As a mama to an infant and a busy toddler, I definitely appreciate the KIND bars.  These are perfect to have on hand when exhausted without a bite to eat.  I need to keep my energy and nutrition up because nursing does take quite a bit out of me.  These are delicious and keep the rumble down.  
This Is Your Book by Star RM is really neat.  It is a great way to chronicle your child's first year from birth.  It has prompts to help capture what was going on in the world at that time (beyond the newspaper the hospital provides for the birth date).  It has places to attach photos and costs of products.  I wish I had something like this for Kenzie.  
The Apple Apple CD by Harmonica Pocket is fun for the kiddos to listen to while driving to and from Kenzie's preschool.  It's at least a 45 minute drive each way sooooo plenty of time for Kenzie to learn new songs.  She loves to sing along to music so this is wonderful for her.
The Twist Teether by Green Toys will be handy in a few months once Mason's teeth start coming in.  It is large and easy to grasp by an infant.  Sleepyhead by North American Bear Co. is so sweet.  It's a pastel dinosaur made of super soft jersey knit that is sure to become one of Mason's favorites.     
Stork Stack really puts thought into providing a lovely assortment of useful products into their monthly boxes.  Take a look around the site and you can see the assortments in prior months.  For $28 a month (free shipping), it is a wonderful gift!
One of my favorite reasons for loving Stork Stack is that they truly give back to those in need when you purchase memberships.  Not only do you get a fabulous box of awesomeness every month, depending upon the tier, so does someone else!  
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  1. I love this service Stork Stack is amazing for kids who get their toys and surprises every month and also great for moms who can trust this company to make our lives easier by delivering this box to our door and also trust them that they pick great educational toys. :)

  2. Oh, this is so neat! I would love getting something like this in the mail! It was also make a great baby shower gift!

  3. i got the baba box and it allmost like this and then i liekt he new one here

  4. $28 a month is not a bad deal (especially without shipping) for a box full of baby goodies! This would be a really neat thing to look forward to every month...who doesn't love getting fun packages in the mail. And if you don't need something, it to someone!

  5. This seems like a wonderful item to get each month. My daughter is expecting her second baby soon and I think this would make a nice gift.Besides Mommy and Baby can always use some pampering. :)
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  6. My friend just signed up for this program too. She loves it. I like that they give something for mom too.

  7. Looks like a fun thing to get in the mail!

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com


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