being MVP: Kroger Cart Buster for October 7-20th! #CleverCartBuster #spon

Kroger Cart Buster for October 7-20th! #CleverCartBuster #spon

The Cart Buster sale, taking place October 7-20, features great savings on all your family's favorite brands at the Kroger Co. Family of Stores. A full list of stores is below.

City Market
Food 4 Less
Food 4 Less Fremont
Jay C
King Soopers
Pay Less
Fred Meyer

Our local store is Ralphs.  It's conveniently located down the hill and we frequent it several times a week.  Our shopping trips have drastically changed from our just married days to being parents of two kids.  The weather has been steadily hot and sticky in the high 90s-100s.  As October has begun the temperature finally has decided to give us a bit of relief and nightime falls around the high 60s. 
The Magnum Ice Cream Bars have become my newly found treat of choice.  I eat one every night which probably isn't helping my postpartum weight loss but they are sooooo good.  Whenever Hubs asks me what I want from the grocery store I reply with "The Magnum" only if on sale.  My favorite "flavor" is the Double Chocolate. 

We are an ice cream loving family and even though it's technically the beginning of Fall, our freezer is stocked with ice cream and popsicles.  Hubs' choice is good ole Breyers Ice Cream.  He consumes about 2 cartons a week.  Yes he eats straight from the carton. 
The size of ice cream has shrunk so we of course have to buy more to compensate :)  Having a coupon makes it even better!
Make sure to check out the Cart Buster site for some awesome deals at your local Kroger market. 

Download a digital coupon for a different product each day straight to your shopper card at the Cart Buster site for great deals on your favorite products at the Kroger Co. Family of Stores!

 I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.


  1. Great deals! I miss living close to a Kroger store.

  2. I don't believe there's Kroger stores here in south florida, at least i haven't heard of them; but i would love to try those ice creams bars! I've heard you post about how much you love them, i believe on you know where else i could get them? I'll try to look it up too. :)

  3. I wish I had one of those supermarkets near me

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