being MVP: Brilliant Sky Toys & Books: Tobbles

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books: Tobbles

Service with a Smile.  That is a phrase I have not heard in a while in the modern day of quick and informal consumer services.  I'm sure most know what I am referring to when being placed on hold and transferred a dozen times before speaking to a representative or even being dropped after waiting a very long time.  That leads to frustration and a distaste for such company and/or product.
In such a society a specialty toy store chain called Brilliant Sky has been proudly standing by the good phrase by defining customer interaction/service as it should be.  Brilliant Sky has 15 stores stretching from North Carolina to Colorado with the 16th store to open in Houston, TX.  They are expanding as franchise opportunities are available.  Check the full store location list to see if there is a brick & morter store near you.  While there is not one near me currently in Southern California, the fantastic service extends to their online customers.  
The Brilliance Awards recognize toys that represent the very ideals that Brilliant Sky Toys & Books was founded upon - the importance of quality, the value of open-ended play and the simple beauty of a child's fascination and delight.  We received the Tobbles toy which was recognized because while stacking toys are not a "new" idea, the spin on the classic is revolutionary.
Once I showed Kenzie how to balance each tobble, she had a blast!  There are six uniquely weighted pieces in varying sizes with a base.  At first Kenzie decided she wanted to turn them upside down so they formed a dome and started to stack in that mode.  I showed her how to turn them around and stack.  She made the connection that she needed to lay each piece in a certain way to keep on building.  There were some crashes but she was able to succesfully build the "tower" in no time.  
This toy is awesome because not only does it focus on stacking skills, it nurtures creativity and imagination.  Those pieces can be turned into anything in a toddler's mind.  Kenzie thought they were perfect as food bowls for serving as well as lining up as a train.
If you are lucky enough to live near a store make sure to stop by and check out the selection and service.  If not, check out the easy to maneuver website where the same service is shown with free gift wrap, ability for your tot to make a wish list, a personal blog where you can catch up on the happenings of the toy industry and even an toy store app if you want to shop by phone!  Brilliant Sky has partnerships with over 600 toy manufacturers from around the world so one will definitely be able find the perfect gift for any child.          
Buy It:  You can purchase Tobbles for $24.99. 
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  1. so affordable, my daughter would love it! love all the pretty colors too

  2. I love basic, colorful toys like this - and it's so different for a stacking toy!

  3. These look amazing! My son would have so much fun with these!

  4. What a great twist on the traditional stacker.

  5. I've never seen a game like this! I think this toy offers a lot!

  6. Those look fun. Would love them for my daughter.

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