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Soft Star Shoes

Handmade shoes of eco-friendly leather and soft soles for the development of little feet can be found at Soft Star Shoes.  Kenzie received the beautiful Merry Jane Naomi shoes.  They are made of a shiny sapphire color leather accented with the teeny platinum silver star.  The velcro strap makes it easy for Kenzie to put them on by herself (although half the time they go on the wrong foot).  The sole is soft yet made of rubber so as to provide grip and traction for tots.   
Kenzie usually wears a size 7 but I went with a size 8 because according to the chart it should approximately fit a 2 year old (Kenzie is 32 months).  There is room for growth and the addition of socks as we enter the Fall season.  The leather is buttery soft and the simple yet functional design allows for freedom of foot movement.  You can see the quality of hand craftsmanship in the detail of the shoe i.e. stitching, seams, etc.  Kenzie loves these shoes and prances around the house in them.   
 Soft Star Shoes also offers the most unique selection of sandals for the summer as well as precious boots for the winter for children as well as selections for adults.  One can really fall in love with this brand as they are not run of the mill and not everyone is wearing the same style.  There is even an option to create custom shoes with your own design!  If you want a quality shoe with "specialness" make sure to pick up a few pairs from Soft Star Shoes!
Buy It:  You can purchase the Merry Jane Naomi shoes for $48.  
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Laguna Sandal  - Nutmeg / Kiwi
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  1. They look very soft and comfortable.

  2. For $48 for that cute pair of Soft Star shoes it’s a steal! I can’t believe they are handmade too. It’d be an amazing shoe to have for my little one once he can start wearing shoes. Love that they are eco friendly as well and the soft soles. So many times you get expensive shoes for your little one so that their little feet would develop good but I see it’s not necessary to break the bank with Soft Star Shoes!. Thanks for sharing this info, I had never heard now but I’ll definitely keep them on my list of must purchase soon :)

  3. These are great... their feet get so hot in the summer in the enclosed shoes these are perfect! Those soft soles are so much better for those early walkers!
    Julie Ghrist

  4. Those are too cute! Mac is addicted to shoes (like her mama!) so I would love to get some for her that are stylish but functional too!

  5. Those shoes are too cute. To be honest to rich for my blood but super cute!

  6. these look like great shoes .I like how they are open on the sides to keep little feets airy

  7. those are the cutest little shoes! I wouldn't mind having a pair for myself for around the house.

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