being MVP: Post-Baby Flab Attack with Belly Bandit

Post-Baby Flab Attack with Belly Bandit

One of the most surprising changes one experiences after delivering a baby is the leftover belly.  After delivering Kenzie, Hubs asked if another was coming out.  My tummy was not as I expected.  It had an odd droop to it and looked like a shriveling piece of fruit when I touched it.  Although I anticipated still having to lose weight (I gained 50 pounds), I had no idea how my body would look and feel.  I did lose the weight but it took a very long time.  This time around, with Mason, I was determined to get back into shape asap with my Belly Bandit B.F.F.
I gained less weight this time - 45 pounds - although I aimed for 25-35 pounds.  My body shape was different as well as it was mostly belly and hips whereas with Kenzie I was tubby all around.  After giving birth and moving into my room, I had Hubs strap me into my B.F.F. which stands for Body Formulated Fit.  This is essentially a corset type band with six panels sucking you in with 2 more inches of Velcro. There are two different panels of compression that cinch the waist, hips and belly to create a natural silhouette! 
I had on the Belly Bandit B.F.F. all day long minus shower time.  It started off with the velcro barely hanging on the edge for closure to slowly inching toward actually making the waist shape.  I had a muffin top above my ribs!  After a month post-partum, I have 17 pounds to lose and it seems to be a bit in my belly and hips.  Although my mother, who visited a few weeks ago, believed I should have lost all the weight soon thereafter, I am very happy with the results thus far.  The odd droop is gone and the skin doesn't look too bad.  
I have to admit that it does get a bit hot since it's the middle of summer and my body temperature is that of a furnace.  Mason doesn't really like me holding him if I wear the band outside my clothes so I usually wear it underneath.  It washes well in the machine on a gentle setting with air dry.   
I actually used the Bamboo Belly Bandit with Kenzie but I didn't anticipate how large I would be so I couldn't "fit' in it until several weeks after delivery.  However, once my tummy started shrinking, the velcro portion went beyond the bottom so the flap would stick out of my clothing when I wore it to work.  I really didn't like that feature.  However, the B.F.F. lays flat under my clothing because of the two straps.  I've started to taper off wearing it mostly because I am hot but with my sudden surge of eating Magnum Ice Cream bars, I am going to put it on full time again.  
I would love to try the Mother Tucker next!        
Buy It:  You can purchase the Belly Bandit B.F.F. for $79.98. 
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  1. I heard the BFF is more for petite women, because of the way it hugs your body. Would you say that is true?

    I am considering the Bamboo wrap. I'm 5'9"

  2. I'm 5'6" and the Bamboo covers more than the BFF so definitely go with that one since you are tall :) *jealous

  3. Thanks for the great and honest review!!!

  4. I've been hearing a lot about these bands. I want to get one for my sister, because she's always complaining about her post baby belly. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have heard a lot about these and but have never known one who has used one. Thanks for the honest review! I have always wondered because of the material it is made out of if you would get hot wearing it.

  6. The Belly Bandit sounds amazing....I can't wait to buy one!
    You absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing your results.

  7. I used one (the couture) after my second child. It's hard to get the size just right. It didn't fit for the first two days, but I wore it faithfully for two weeks as soon as it did fit. After that it was so loose that it was silly to wear. I guess that means it did it's job?

  8. This looks awesome! Maybe after my next child I'll look into investing in one of them.

  9. I just had my baby 9 days ago and bought the original belly bandit however the medium was too big when i got out of hospital so i exchanged it for a large and now 9 days later the large is too big, since my stomach has already shrunk! So now i'm not sure what to do. Thanks for the review, I may give the Belly Bandit BFF, might work better since i've read it runs small. By now though it's almost 2 weeks post partum so I hope i'm not too late. :( Thanks for your great review!!!


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