being MVP: Catching Some Zzzzzs with Fisher- Price Rock n' Play Sleeper

Catching Some Zzzzzs with Fisher- Price Rock n' Play Sleeper

A safe place for a newborn to nap is a must have for every parent.  Although your little one can nap in their crib or bassinet, it is convenient to have something you can transport from room to room easily and even take on trips.  Fisher-Price sent Mason the My Little Snugabunny Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper.  
I have to admit that this came out of the box once we arrived home from the hospital.  It was fairly easy for my BIL to put together and Mason took to it quickly.  The sleeper features an extra deep seat with an incline so Mason's head can stay elevated.  When he moves, there is a slight rocking movement.  I can also rock it when he starts fussing a bit and soothe him back to sleep immediately.  
There is a three point restraint to keep your baby safe.  I didn't have to use the restraints at this time because Mason is not active yet and he is secure in the deep seat.  The little bunny toy is cute and will be played with once Mason is aware of it haha.  It's also removable so he can take it along once he gets a bit older.  
I like that the seat insert is removable and washable.  Great because you don't want baby sitting in a dirty sleeper right?  The mesh sides are also a neat feature to allow for extra ventilation.  I drag this sleeper from our bedroom to the living room all the time.  It's also easy to fold with the push of two buttons (located on front and back of sleeper) and so compact that you can take it virtually everywhere!
The maximum weight limit is 25 pounds and it is recommended that one uses this sleeper for babies who cannot yet sit up unassisted or grasp the sides and pull themselves up.  Mason naps great in his Snugabunny sleeper and looks cute while doing so.  My inlaws worry that he cannot stretch and grow if placed in it but I disagree.  Sleeping soundly while supported will allow him to grow just fine!

Buy It:  You can purchase the My Little Snugabunny Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper for $75.  The sleeper comes in different designs as well so check them out! 
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  1. I love the neutral colors. Looks nicely padded and so soft!

  2. I wish my son's would have had that product. It looks so comfortable!

  3. this seems like a really great product. A nice place to have for setting the baby down in any room to nap while mom gets things done

  4. I looked at these when my son was a newborn, but went with a bouncer instead; now I know for the next that this is a good option!

  5. I love that it has plenty of padding. It is just perfect!

  6. I just bought this for a friend and I was wondering how good it would be. It looks adorable & might help my little one sleep. Maybe I should run to the store. :)


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