being MVP: Tackling Formula with Similac SimplyStart

Tackling Formula with Similac SimplyStart

Mason is tongue-tied which means it's difficult for him to latch on for breastfeeding.  I didn't find out until we went to see the doctor for his circumcision checkup.  *We will be taking him to a specialist to get it checked out.  Since he was born, I supplemented his feeding with the ready to feed Similac bottles.  He seemed eager to eat and take the bottle (opposite of Kenzie).  We only purchased ready to feed for Kenzie (although she didn't drink it from the bottle and it was pretty much wasted) because I was afraid of the difficulty of using powder formula i.e. mixing the correct amount to the special water. 

We received the New SimilacSimplyStart Bottles and Powder Caps.  The doctor provided a sample of the Similac powder formula so I decided to give it a try since Mason was still hungry (after trying to feed from me).  The BPA Free bottle itself has several parts including the EasyMix which is designed to minimize clumps and bubbles.  I added 2 oz of bottled spring water to the bottle (measurements are clearly marked in large numbers) and then added one scoop of powder formula.  I placed the cap onto the bottle and did a good shake.  I gave the bottle to Mason (who has only been introduced to the nipple that comes along with the 2oz Similac ready to feed) and he immediately started sucking with no problem.  He didn't have any excess gas or spit up after drinking.  I was happy that he didn't have any adversion to the powder formula compared to the ready to feed (convenient but more costly).  I was also glad that the naturally shaped nipple did not cause him confusion when I tried to feed him myself later that night. 

The powder cap is great when you are out and about.  You just place one scoop inside (or however many for your baby's feeding) and then it fits on top of the bottle in place of the cap.  Therefore, you don't have to worry about the measurements and mess when you need to prepare the bottle quickly out of the house. 

All in all I am happy to report Mason is happy and full and I am no longer afraid of the powder formula thanks to Similac's new bottle.  The two extra parts of the EasyMix are not that bad when washing and you can even opt to not use the EasyMix if you are using regular ready to feed in the bottle itself.  The bottle has a wide neck for easy cleaning of the body and the Intellivent reduces excess air.  There wasn't any leakage and the nipple seemed to flow at a good pace for a 2.5 day old baby.

Buy It:  You can purchase the Similac SimplyStartbottle for $4.99 each (4oz or 8oz) and Powder Cap for $2.99.

Disclosure: I received a free Similac SimplySmart bottle compliment of the Similac brand.  No monetary exchange took place.



  1. First, Mason is adorable! Congrats!. Second, thank you so much for posting this. I'm due in 6 wks. and even though i will try to breastfeed, nothing is 100% sure & I love to know that Similac has worked for you so i can try that in case i or baby Adam has problems with bf'ing. With so many formulas out there, it's nice to see a great review/post on what has worked for another mommy :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I've been away from the blog world for too long and had no idea you were expecting. Congratulations! Mason is adorable!!!

  3. Oh my!! MAson is adorable!!
    Those bottles look interesting. I was never able to properly breastfeed, too bad they didn't have these type back when I had a baby baby. :P

  4. I have seen those bottles around and I had no idea they were good for minimizing clumps! I use powdered formula no matter how well you shake it or even mix it it will still clump. It's so annoying because he is missing out on vital nutrition! I guess it makes it harder for me since my son is on a higher calorie diet so I have to add more powder to the water. Now, I think I will give it a try and thanks for sharing!

  5. Congratulations!!!! Mason is adorable.
    My son was tongue tied also. These bottles look very nice, wish there was something like that for the times we needed to use them!

  6. Mason is so cute! Congratulations!!
    These bottles look really neat! I will definitely keep them in mind if we ever need to switch over to formula one day!

  7. I have a bottle that I really like and plan to use this time around, but I did sign up to have a free one of these sent to me "just in case"

  8. I love this bottle too. I received one from my pedi office. I Aldo use Dr browns. But like the powder cap on this. So convenient!

  9. I'm glad you found a bottle that works for you. Just out of curiosity, did you have Mason's frenulum clipped to remove the tongue-tie? My daughter had a horrible time latching on and I wonder if that was part of her problem.

  10. thanks for the review. Now I know which bottle to get for my baby who will be due in January next year.
    p/s: Mason is such a cutie


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