being MVP: Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich Kit

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich Kit

Rubbermaid has come out with a new product called the LunchBlox Sandwich Kit.  Not only is it super functional, it is also very eco-friendly.  The container is BPA Free so great for packing lunch for the kids as well.  The parts snap onto each other including the ice pack in the middle.  The Kit includes 2 Snack Containers, 1 Side Container, 1 Sandwich Container and 1 Medium Blue Ice. 

What's neat about these containers is that they are perfectly proportioned for lunch.  Place your sandwich at the bottom (it accomodates specialty bread), snap on your ice pack, then you can add fruits/veggies/snacks/sweets to the top containers.  Kenzie loves fruit so I added different fruits.  I first thought that the smallest containers wouldn't hold that much but I was pleasantly surprised when I placed the blueberries and grapes and saw how many the containers would accomodate.  Even an adult wouldn't get hungry with the amount of food packed in this sandwich kit.  

The quality is as other Rubbermaid products we own - fantastic!  The lids are all secure so nothing running amuck in your lunchbag.  The containers are also microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe!   Your food will stay fresh with the icepack during your commute.  Kenzie had fun eating from her new "lunchblox" and opening the small containers herself.   

I used to pack my lunch almost everyday before having Kenzie.  Hopefully I am motivated to pack my lunch to help with the weight loss when I return to work after maternity leave :)  There are variations on the LunchBlox that I will definitely get: the Salad and Entree Kits for my packing. 

Buy It:  You can purchase the LunchBlox Sandwich Kit for $12.99. 

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  1. I think it's great that it comes with a custom sized ice pack that fits in the middle! No sliding around or ill-fitting lumpy ice packs for these lunches :)

  2. Oh this is perfect! I seriously need this for my son when we're out and about. Also the bottom pic looks like there is a lunch blox for salads!!! Gotta get this!

  3. This is SUPER cool! I haven't even heard of these, but how perfect! I need to get some for my huband's lunches at work, as well as, a few for the kids when we are out. This would really cut down on how much we spend on last minute snacks!


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