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Paperflavor Stationary

The cutest stationary can be found at paperflavor.   The designs are unique and quirky.  I received a sample including recipe cards, thank you cards and a pin pack.    


As I've mentioned before I cook in a year about as much as the number of fingers on one hand.  Not because I am a bad cook or because I don't enjoy it.... it's because I'm waiting for my dream kitchen :)  I have an entire binder full of recipes ripped out from magazines just waiting to be made.  The Flavorgirl Recipe Card Set features different illustrations on each card with space for the ingredients, servings and instructions.  This would be a great hostess gift or even part of a housewarming gift.  I am definitely going to use these for Kenzie once we start cooking together in our future fab kitchen!

I am a Thank You card hoarder.  There is always occasion to give a thank you card especially with children and most definitely with a newborn.  I usually give a handwritten thank you card for every gift received for Kenzie and Mason.  The Peacock Feathers thank you cards (although categorized under wedding) are lovely for any occasion and the colors are vibrant against the white paper.  The quality is wonderful.

The pins are indicative of Paperflavor's humorous characters.  These will be fun to put on Kenzie's backpack once she starts school.  The love triangle name is just adorable.

Paperflavor offers all the stationary you need including personalized items for both kids and adults as well as apparel and other "flair".  Make sure to check them out for fantastic birth announcements and birthday invitations!

Buy It:  You can purchase the recipe cards for $15.99, thank you cards starting at $1.09 each and pin pack for $2.99.

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  1. The characters are adorable!!! I love stationary!

  2. I love the cards from paper flavor, thank you for mentioning them! I also keep thank you cards (especially since I'm due to give birth in 4 weeks) and the gifts and well wishes need to be thanked always! but I'd love to have stationary where i can write my reminder notes to myself :)

  3. These are just so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  4. these are adorable cards. i'm also a thank you card hoarder. i have an entire drawer full. the recipe cards would make great gifts also.

  5. These are soo cute, thanks for sharing

  6. The designs are so cute.

  7. What cute recipe cards, I could use any kind of inspiration in the kitchen.


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