being MVP: Just Say Yes to the Nurse

Just Say Yes to the Nurse

As I mentioned in my prior post regarding newborn screening, simple action on the part of the parent can lead to saving your baby's life.  I went into the hospital this time around with the knowledge of the various tests.

As soon as Mason was born I immediately inquired about pulse ox testing.  Thankfully, (according to two nurses) Mason didn't show the signs to be tested (i.e. color) but the nurse did offer the test if I so wanted.  I gratefully declined.  However, many nurses share a common misconception that heart babies will have visible symptoms. Truth is they often don't, that's why pulse ox is important. Kristine of Cora's Story wrote this amazing article regarding such misconception.   

The first test Mason had was the heel stick test.  This was a bit traumatic although I remember Kenzie going through the same.  First the nurse gave Mason a pacifier with a bit of sugar to keep him happy before the test.  After icing the heel, they prick it and squeeze out blood onto paper circles (about 30 different conditions are tested).   Mason was a trooper.  He cried a bit but kept sucking the pacifier.  The results haven't come back yet but I pray that he is healthy. 

The next test was the hearing test.  This wasn't painful to Mason but more bothersome because of all the electrodes on his head, back, neck and the earphones with the super sticky tape.  The results were shown on the monitor and he passed with flying colors!  The worst part of the test was taking the earphones off :)

The tests are not harmful to your child and could potentially save their lives.  Make sure to inquire if they offer the tests at your hospital because they may not mention it if it is not required by state.  To see what conditions are screened by each state click here.  I was lucky that all three tests were available when Mason was born.     

It is heartbreaking to hear stories of people who could have saved their babies if they had the knowledge of newborn screening.  However, it is inspiring to hear of those parents who are now advocates of newborn screening and getting the information out there to parents who are unaware of the testing, just like Kristine of Cora's Story

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  1. so many new things out there to detect any problems with great! Way to go baby Mason...already a little tropper> Such a precious baby!

  2. In Oregon they are required and sometimes this means they have to take your baby to a separate room...but you can always ask to have someone you trust tag along.

    Mason looks so darn cute! And tiny!!

  3. Mason is so adorable!! Thanks for spreading the word about newborn screening. Congrats on your new addition. I wanted to point out that it's a common misconception, even among nurses that babies with heart defects will have symptoms. Often, nothing is apparently wrong, which is why pulse ox is important. I wrote about it for anyone interested.

  4. We didn't have the pulse ox test performed, but did have both of the others performed. There's a lot of talk about less intervention and western medicine, but sometimes (like these) I feel we need to remember to be thankful for these advances in medicine :)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this information! My second little one is due in just under two weeks and I will be sure to inquire about this testing now.


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