being MVP: Packing Up with Cate & Levi Backpack

Packing Up with Cate & Levi Backpack

Truly beautiful children's products can be found at Cate & Levi.  The products are made of reclaimed wool whose colors and textures are individually selected.  This is environmentally conscious as well as ensures that each item is unique and one of a kind!  Since Kenzie is growing up (sob) and will most likely enter some sort of preschool when I return to work after maternity leave, the Monkey Backpack Buddy was ideal.       

This is the perfect size for a toddler (7" x 10" pocket with 10" straps) and the design is great for both girls and boys.  Kenzie immediately strapped it on and rushed off before I could even get the tags off.  As you can see, the monkey design is quirky yet subtle - definitely unique.  The use of different textured wool is evident and compliments the overall design aesthetic.         

After I showed Kenzie that she could actually stash things in her backpack, she immediately placed her disney plushes into the bag, closed the velcro and was off again.  She takes her backpack everywhere and gets frustrated when she accidently leaves it at grandma's house.  This is a great product that will help Kenzie get used to the idea that she can take things to "school" and other places.  Plus she will definitely have the coolest backpack there!

Cate & Levi offers an assortment of products including puppets, pillow pals, blankets, stuffed animals, apparel and much more!  How cute is the bunny hat? Perfect for the slopes!     

If you aren't hooked onto Cate & Levi's cuteness by now, another appealing feature is that the company really does good for the community by donating a percentage of their profits to helping children in need.  Giving back is always a good thing :) 

Buy It:  You can purchase the Backpack Buddies for $50. 

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  1. That monkey backpack is adorable! I love the argyle bear too, so cute!

  2. Oh my that is the cutest! They have some really cute items. Thanks for sharing b/c I had never heard of them before :)

  3. So cute!! I love little backpacks like that where your toddler and open and close them (and pack all kinds of odds and ends in them)

  4. What a fun backpack and that photo of Kenzie trekking off with her toy filled pack is adorable!! She looks so serious!

  5. The monkey backpack is just adorable! I like that they can be used without a partent having to assist.

  6. I love that aside from backpack being so incredibly cute the company is green too and makes products that are good for our environment, as a mommy to be this is so important since i want my kid to enjoy this plant too :) thanks for great review!

  7. Thanks for sharing! Such cute backpacks!

  8. that backpack is mad cute!!!! i love it!!!!!!!!

  9. So cute. I would love one for my niece


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