being MVP: mod. Camera Strap & Giveaway!

mod. Camera Strap & Giveaway!


My friend Femi Corazon at Coralily Photography reviewed the mod. strap and here are her thoughts:

Here is my must-have list for a camera strap when I am using just one camera body:
The strap:
1) must be able to safely bear the weight of my camera (Nikon D700 + MBD10 battery grip) and heaviest lens (Nikkor 70-200 ) and an on-camera flash (the Nikon SB-900)
2) must feel sturdy and secure
3) must be comfortable to wear
4) must be able to be worn across my body

Liz gave me the Mod. Premium Strap in Houndstooth to review.  I've gotta say - it's a lovely-looking little thing. Once I got it, I checked out their website to get the scoop. Mod. is primarily about "designer style"... specifically geared towards women photographers who may want straps that are a bit more stylish than "basic black with camera brand logo".

In all fairness, since "style" is not even on my list of camera-strap requirements, Mod. had a bit of an uphill climb to convince me that it's a good strap. However... it's still a camera-strap, right? So it better do
everything a strap is supposed to do - while being stylish.

Mod. comes in a whole host of different colors and designs. Right off the bat, it beat my Nikon strap in the looks department. My sample was lined with a very plush bright red fabric which made for a striking contrast with the black and white houndstooth pattern. Setup was quick. Attaching the strap to my camera was fairly easy, since it attached exactly like the standard Nikon strap. The decorative part of the strap is 1.75" wide - a bit wider than my Nikon strap. It also has a bit of padding, and the plush fabric lining is soft to touch. Even though decorative section of the strap is slightly wider than Nikon's strap, the part that attaches to the camera itself is thinner than Nikon's. Mod Strap's strap-connections are about 3/8" wide and Nikon's are about 1/2".

Besides being thinner in width, it's also thinner than the Nikon strap in thickness. The Nikon strap-connection to camera is about 1/16" thick and the Mod. is approximately half that. What this means is that this portion of the strap doesn't feel very substantial, especially when compared to the standard-issue Nikon strap.

The Mod. Premium Strap has a "quick release" buckle on both ends that is highlighted as a feature on the Mod Strap website ... apparently, these allow you to disconnect your camera from the strap quickly. It's essentially a hard plastic buckle on both strap ends.

So now, let's get to my list. My ideal strap - in no particular order:

1) must feel sturdy and secure
Yes. The Mod. works in this regard. I am not a huge fan of the thin part of the strap that connects it directly to the camera, but it isn't flimsy either. However, I still wish they had used a wider and thicker material.
2) must be comfortable:
Yes. The Mod.’s plush lining felt extremely comfortable against my skin and the width and thickness of the padding of the strap distributes the weight of the camera on my neck pretty nicely. However, since it is still a neck strap, it's not really going to change the way my body carries the weight of the camera. So if I had to carry around my camera for longer than three hours, my neck is still going to feel sore. However, that is not a flaw in the Mod. - that's just the way all neck straps work.
3) must be able to be worn across my body.
Yes. At 48" maximum length, (which is adjustable) the Mod. Premium is long enough to fit across my body so I can wear the strap off my neck, and still lift the camera to my face with no trouble at all.

4) must be able to safely bear the weight of my camera (Nikon D700 + MBD10 battery grip) and heaviest lens (Nikkor 70-200 ) and an on-camera flash (the Nikon SB-900), since this is a fairly common
configuration for photographers who may need on-camera flash occasionally. Mod.'s website states that the straps can bear 70lbs. From my calculations, a Nikon D700+grip, with batteries and the SB-900 flash and 70-200 lens is around 8lbs. So on paper, the Mod. meets this requirement. However, here are my concerns about this critical item on my list: I guess there are people out there who would find the quick-release feature useful - but for me, a "quick-release" in the form of two plastic snap-buckles on either side of my camera is not a feature, but rather, two points of weakness. From reading the website, the non premium versions of the Mod. do not appear to have the quick-release feature, and so if you are like me, and never take your strap off your camera, there is no reason to pay extra for this feature - except perhaps to wash the strap, or change it out with a different strap design.  Also, the quick-release doesn't take the strap completely off your camera. It just separates the decorative portion of the strap from the camera, and still leaves the two quick release straps attached to the camera. So the quick-release straps sections are not completely out of your way and have the potential to dangle in front of your lens if you use the camera like this.

My Recommendation:
The Mod. is an attractive camera strap that does what their website says it is designed to do and it does it fairly well - if style and a comfortable-feeling strap around your neck are your primary criteria for a camera strap. If you are looking for a bit more functionality and durability, the Mod. also meets these needs - to a point. My favorite feature of the Mod. is the plush lining and light padding of the decorative portion of the strap. I am not a fan of the quick release and don't really see a practical need for it.

Most of all, I don't like the thin strap connections to the camera. Thinner, in this case, does not mean better.

However, I feel that Mod. does deliver what they say on their website: style and comfort against your neck with a very basic functionality.

If the designer look of the Mod. appeals to you, you like to accessorize your gear and you are a light-duty user, then Mod. is not a bad option.Consider that you may have to wash or spot-clean the strap if the fabric portion gets dirty so choose a fabric or design accordingly.

Choose a Classic Mod. if you don't need the quick-release. Spend the extra cash on a Premium if you ALSO want to be able to take the decorative part of your strap off for whatever reason and you don't use really heavy lenses.

However, if you want something other than a neck strap, especially for pros who work long days shooting events, or you want to be sure your straps are built for durability and function and you could care less about your cameras looking designer-cute as long as it getthe job done? Then I'd spend a bit more money and look for a heavy-duty strap.

PROMO CODE:  1FREECS gets you 1 cap saver for free when you buy 1 premium strap (good until July 31, 2012)

Buy It:  You can purchase the Premium Strap for $48.50.

Make sure to connect with mod. on Facebook and Twitter!

One Winner will Receive a $35 gift certificate to mod.

(Open to US and Canada)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my my friend's and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. I would get the Premium Strap in Hot Pink Victorian.

  2. I like the Compact Camera Pouch & Strap

  3. I'm not 100% sure what I'd get bc I am trying to win this for my 20 yr old daughter Michae'la Shanal who busts her little behind working 80 hrs a week to pay her living expenses as well as saving up to put herself thru trade school and she is a passionate photography hobbyist with an exceptional camera and she told me if I could win her something she'd really really wish for camera accessories like one of the BAGS or STRAPS so of course I would want her to get to pick them out. I sure hope I can win for her though, that would be even more rewarding than winning for myself bc I know how deserving she is! Thank you for the opportunity, I appreciate even having a chance so thank you to you and the sponsor!


  4. I'd love to have the Classic Strap in Grey & Mustard design

  5. i'd get the classic strap in the orange print

    karinaroselee at gmail dot com

  6. I like the Classic Naturals Eco in black.

  7. I would love to get one of the Classic Straps.

  8. i would get the pouch and strap.

  9. Cindy B (on rc/fb) ~ since it's intended as a gift I would probably let the other person pick out but here's the one I like:

  10. I like the premium strap in brown and teal circle.

  11. I'd give this to my friend who takes photo's, but I love the Strap Wraps in Cheerful Zig!

  12. Premium strap in the one with the rosettes on it

  13. I would get the premium straps that's blue and black damask

  14. I like the Gray and mustard premium strap

    theresa j

  15. i like the Compact Camera Pouch & Strap

  16. i love the bubble dot classic strap!!

  17. Love the premium strap with the orange print

  18. I would get the Compact Camera Pouch & Strap - Brown and Green

  19. I like the Black Polka premium strap.

  20. Compact Camera Pouch & Strap- victorian demask. tam.c

  21. I like the Happy Floral classic strap for DSLR, so fun!

  22. I love the straps with the matching Drop in Pouch - how cool.

  23. love the damask pink classic strap!

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  24. I like the classic strap - Kaleidoscope

    cherriesjessilee at gmail dot com

  25. love the pink rhinestone cap saver

  26. Compact Camera Pouch & Strap

  27. I would get the Black & Turquoise Damask strap.

  28. I like the Large Laptop Sleeves - View the Collection
    - - Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran..... emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  29. I like the Classic Naturals Eco in black.

  30. Happy Floral classic strap

  31. I would an accessory bag in yellow and white damask

  32. I like the Hot Pink Paisley strap


  33. f I won I would get the classic strap in orange print

  34. the accessry bag in red and white damask

    christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

  35. i would get an accessory bag

  36. LOVING the earthy zig pattern. fingers crossed.

  37. my mom would enjoy the gray and mustard or navy floral for her birthday compact camera ;) lmlynch2 at gmail dot com

  38. I love the hot pink pop flower cap cover

    hannah K on the form

  39. - in earthy zig!

    es1237 at gmail dot com

  40. I like the crimson victoria
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  41. I am in love with everything! I would get a Premium Strap in either yellow damask or the red and white damask!

  42. I loke the basic strap in hot pink paisley.

  43. I would get the Houndstooth premium strap with drop in pouch and accessory bag. Very stylish and classic.

  44. i like the basic in hot pink paisley!

  45. I'd love to get the Compact Camera Pouch & Strap. tylerpants(at)

  46. I'd like the Cheerful Zig Premium strap. trixpixel[at]

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