being MVP: A Simple Test Could Save Your Baby's Life

A Simple Test Could Save Your Baby's Life

What if a simple test when your baby is born could save his/her life?  Had Kristine known about this testing, she could have saved her 5 day old baby Cora's life.  Cora passed away from congenital heart disease which could have been found through early detection during newborn screening which is part of Baby's First TestKristine has an organization named after Cora - Cora's Story - raising the awareness of congenital heart disease and pulse oximetry.  Kristine is such an awesome pioneer in raising awareness of newborn screening for newbie parents to be.  

From the Baby’s First Test website:
Newborn screening is performed soon after the birth of your baby, and in most cases, while you are still in the hospital. Each year over 5,000 babies are born with one of the conditions included in state newborn screening panels. Most of these infants appear perfectly healthy at birth and come from families with no history of the disorder. The types of newborn screenings include: a heel prick (blood sample, newborn hearing screening, and heart screen (pulse ox)). Not every state screens for the same conditions. Make sure you check out what your state offers on the Baby’s First Test Website.
When I was in the hospital after giving birth to Kenzie, they did a multitude of tests including the heel prick and hearing (that I remember).  I admit that I did not know the extent of the testing other than the brochures I was given at that time.  Not every state screens for every condition.  California has an extensive list of conditions that are screened so I am thankful for that.  Make sure to check out the conditions screened by your state.             

The Baby's First Test site is a great source of information for expectant parents.  What parent wouldn't get a simple (non-invasive) test to potentially save their child?    

Please visit the following sites for more information:

Make sure to connect with Baby's First Test on Facebook and Twitter!

I am excited to be a part of the Baby's First Test Blogger Ambassadors as I look forward to Bean #2's arrival in 6 weeks and his testing with my new found knowledge. 

I am a Baby’s First Test Blogger Ambassador and am supported by the Baby’s First Test project. Baby’s First Test is funded through a co√∂perative agreement with the Health Resource and Service Administration (HRSA), Grant no. U36MC16509, Quality Assessment of the Newborn Screening System.


  1. Thank you for sharing! Kristine is a true inspiration! In fact, her story inspired me to pass a law in my own state of WV that requires every newborn to be tested for heart defects using pulse ox. It is named in honor of my son Corbin, who passed away at three months old from heart defects brought on by William's Syndrome (
    I am actually part of a work force through Baby's First Test, helping to spread awareness and educate mothers locally about pulse ox and newborn screening.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I know how hard it is first hand as a mother of four to watch our newborns be pricked and prodded, but it is so worth it. My story isn't this devastating, but my daughter was two months old, asleep in the swing while I was ironing clothes in the next room when I found her completely blue. Thank God we found her in time, and the extensive tests discovered the cause which could be monitored with a machine. I wish there had been a test in the hospital to warn me that something was wrong with her. She's 8 now, and a true blessing!

  3. Here in Canada, I think more tests are done on newborns routinely although I could be wrong. There are some they don't do routinely because they don't want to do tons of tests on the poor things if it's very rare. But for something that would fatal, I think it's worth the risk.

  4. HOw devasting. We did everything possible to make sure Hayley was healthy after we had some trouble when she was first born. We rely on these important tests and they are a true necessity to use moms out there.

  5. wow! Thank you for the imformation.

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