being MVP: Better Sleep with Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow

Better Sleep with Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow

Utterly Yours™ Breast and Pregnancy Pillow - For Happier Mother & Babies

I have had trouble sleeping for some time now.  My big belly makes it difficult to find a comfortable position thus leading me to toss and turn throughout the night.  I wake up on my back fearing that I've stopped the crucial blood flow to my bean.   I have two body pillows but they do not prevent me from moving around.  The Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow is definitely unique in design and function than the ones I have been using.    


First of all, the pillow comes in a variety of pretty fabric options.  I chose the Coriander Seagreen/Aqua combo.  Secondly, it comes in different sizes according to the sizing chart.  I went with size small.  Next is the most important - cubic design.  When opened, it forms two triangles. Memory foam on one half of the pillow conforms to the belly. The other half of the pillow is made of higher density foam to support the back while keeping the body positioned to one side comfortably. The fabric that connects the two sides stretches to accommodate women as their bodies grow throughout their pregnancy.  The cover is machine washable!

The "open" pillow is placed on your bed and you just lie right in between the two triangles.  I do have to admit that I still turn around while sleeping but the triangles provide support so that I end up on my sides rather than my back.  I am at almost 32 weeks so once I become larger, I believe it will be easier to stay on my left side (most beneficial to baby).  The Utterly Yours Pillow has eased my fears of cutting off blood flow to baby and is actually very comfortable to sleep on.  The compact cube design allows it to be put away in the mornig without creating an eye sore.  

The pillow can also double as a train for your tot :)

       The Utterly Yours™ Pregnancy Pillow

 Buy It:  You can purchase the Pregnancy Pillow for $44.95.

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  1. How awesome you found something to help, probably helps your back too! Wish they had something like this when I was having kids, they have so many neat things now, makes taking care of babies a breeze. I am stopping by from the She Promotes group this month. Have a great Weekend, Karren Oh! My Heartsie

  2. Glad you found something that helps. I have just started having trouble sleeping but so far I have been managing. I did not know that the left side was the best position. I sleep on my left most of the time anyways. Thanks for the review.

  3. Glad this is helping you sleep. My daughter sure could use one of these. I like how you pick the size needed and the fabric choice


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