being MVP: Sucked in with Wink Shapewear

Sucked in with Wink Shapewear

I associate shapewear with my mother.  Why?  Because she always tells me to wear it so I don't have belly flab.  Sigh that is my life.  I also gained 50 pounds with Kenzie and it took some time for me to get back to pre-pregnancy weight so this time I really want to be careful about my weight gain.  Wink is a shapewear company that designs products to help post-pregnancy as well as normal shapewear.  I decided to try out the Nurse N Blast Top because it'll be perfect for when I start nursing Bean #2.  

I absolutely love the length on this nursing top.  It definitely accomodates my super long torso.  There are two layers - top being cotton and bottom being a medical compression material.  It seems to be very binding and will be great at tackling my extra flabby skin (yes it's true...not looking forward to belly overhang again).  The straps are adjustable and thin like a camisole.  This top is also great for layering.  There are soft padded cups that are built in so you just need to add your nursing pads.  Overall, although I'm not a fan of shapewear in general because I don't like feeling constricted (even elastic maternity pants annoy me), it's a definite post-pregnancy must and Wink Shapewear delivers.  

Wink carries a variety of shapewear for every body shape and size.  I'm sure my mother will be thrilled to hear I am finally getting in on getting back to shape quickly after giving birth.  Wink offers 10% off your first order when you join their mailing list.

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  1. I also like the length, i only buy tanks with this length.

  2. Where was this when I had after pregnancy fat that made me so self concerned?

  3. Cindy B (on rc/fb) ~ Thanks for the review... these look great and definitely like the length ~ it was the first thing I noticed in the pic before I even had read your review. Just an FYI I love the BLANQI ones for maternity.


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