being MVP: Peaceful, Shaded Naps with SnoozeShade Plus

Peaceful, Shaded Naps with SnoozeShade Plus

The sunshade on our strollers usually aren't large enough to fully cover Kenzie when she randomly falls asleep.  I usually drape a blanket/swaddle over the top of the shade and then tuck it in on the sides to keep the wind from blowing it away.  I was excited to try out the SnoozeShade Plus which remedies this issue as well as provides full protection from the sun.  

I am so wary of the sun and Kenzie getting burnt so this was the perfect solution to our outings as well as providing the perfect amount of darkness for midday naps.  The SnoozeShade Plus is super easy to put on your stroller using elastic bands with velcro.  The shade itself is UPF50+ and shields your tot from 99% of harmful UV rays!  You can opt to use the mesh window when your tot is awake to allow for scenary but I like to use it for mainly for nap/sleep purposes.  My former method of covering up the stroller when Kenzie fell asleep was using a swaddle or other handy blanket.  It's easy to check up on your sleeping tot by opening up the zipper.  The SnoozeShade Plus can fit ALL single strollers and can be used from birth until approximately 4 years old.  It can folded up small and kept in your stroller or you can just leave it attached to the stroller like me for quick access at any time!             

SnoozeShade also comes in original, twin, infant (perfect for bean #2 arriving in the summer) and cots.  Make sure to connect with Snoozeshade on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. A swaddle blanket just seems easier and cheaper, I guess the mesh would be nice though in the summer if you live somewhere where there are lots of mosquitoes.

  2. Do they make this in a adult size I don't know how my daughter would have liked this but I like that fact it blocks UV rays. When it says it blocks 99% of harmful rays - do they mean UVA, UVB or both?

  3. It does look pretty cool though. I am curious if my son would want to stay inside

  4. This is great for those long afternoons outdoors like at the zoo

  5. would love one of those

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