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Just Like Mama with Piggy Paint

Getting a pedicure is a rare treat for me.  The last time was on the morning of my birthday - I raced down to the salon and hurried back before Kenzie got too frantic without me.  That was in August.  Let's just say I now do at-home pedicures on an occasional basis because Hubs is not too fond of the smell.  Kenzie sat on the couch beside me and kept saying me too and shoved her toes at me.  I was reluctant because I didn't want to expose her to the toxic strong smell of polish and remover.

Piggy Paint to the rescue of little girls everywhere!  I was excited for Kenzie to try the Spirit Paint with Florida Gators colors.  It came with the cutest mini gator decals which are a bit big for her nails right now but will be adorable when she grows.  Kenzie enjoyed getting her toesies done in Orange and Blue.  She kept looking at them and smiling.  What a girly girl!  The polish didn't emit the harsh odor of my regular polishes which was fantastic.  The blue and orange are vibrant and very fitting for a Gators fan :) 

The polish remover had a low odor but still nothing to offend Hubs.  Just soak a cotton ball, hold against your tot's nail, press for a bit and the polish comes right off.  It seems very moisturizing as well and gentle to the skin.  Kenzie's favorite color seems to be GEEN so she was super happy to wake up to Dragon Tears on her toes.  I did a quick change after a week of Gators colors while she napped.  I did two coats and it's still going strong.        

Piggy Paint is so much fun and safe for toddlers/children.  Next week we're going to go with Glamour Girl - a pretty glittery purple.  The polishes retail for $8.99 while the sets retail for $24.99.  It seems on par with modest adult polishes - note that adults can also use Piggy Paint.  The polish seems to last about a week or less on Kenzie's toes (depending on if it's shoe/sandal week) so the topcoat and basecoat will be necessary when Kenzie gets older.  There are several colors on sale as well as adult colors.  Nail Pens will be fun when Kenzie is able to do her own nails and also make a fun gift in a favor bag.  

Make sure to connect with Piggy Paint on Facebook and Twitter for updates, sales announcements and more.  Celebrities and Kenzie love Piggy Paint and your little one(s) will too!

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  1. I love that my girls can paint their own nails with piggy paint!

  2. I love that this doesn't have the toxic smell! I'm pregnant with #2 right now, and I just haven't been able to dig out nail polish for me OR my daughter due to the fumes. I'll have to look into getting some Piggy Paint of my own!

  3. Oh, I've seen that one before - my daughter would love it

  4. Paint for littles, perfectly adorable!

  5. I have not tried Piggy Paint, but I have heard lots of great things about it. thanks for sharing.


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