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How to Properly Use the Bumbo

As with any baby/child product it's up to the user to safely use the product as recommended.  Misuse and disregard for proper use can lead to harm and injury to the tot.  I myself have no issues with the safety of the Bumbo Baby Seat because I will use it flat on the floor.  I will always watch and properly attend to my tot if there was any need.  

Key Points about Bumbo Baby Seat:
• The maker and distributor of the Bumbo Baby Seat have as their highest priority the safety of children.
• The Bumbo Baby Seat helps babies sit upright and must be used only when babies can adequately support their own heads.
• The Bumbo Baby Seat must only be used on the floor.
• The Bumbo Baby Seat is safe for its labeled and intended use (on the floor).
• A warning against placing the Bumbo seat on an elevated surface has been included on the back of the seat since it was first produced, and in 2007 it was voluntarily recalled so that a more explicit warning could be added to the front of the seat as a strong reminder to caregivers not to use the seat on elevated
• The Bumbo Baby Seat is fully compliant with applicable safety standards, however there are continuing efforts by the makers and distributor of Bumbo and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to educate consumers and reinforce proper seat usage.
• Babies are active and curious and may wiggle out of the seat, which is why a baby should never be left unattended in the seat and caregivers should always follow these basic safety guidelines:
o Use the Bumbo Seat ONLY on a floor-level surface
o Do NOT use the Bumbo Seat on any elevated surface
o Do NOT use the Bumbo Seat as a car or bath seat or in water
o NEVER leave a baby unattended

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  1. Love this list! Sometimes it's too easy for parents to just ignore common sense.

  2. Great list of requirements.. So many great baby products get used in the wrong ways.

  3. What a great list (although it is a bit sad that parents can't follow the simple and easy instructions - I was appalled when there was the recall!).

    And I agree with Mrs.Smitty. It amazes me how many seem to ignore common sense these days.


  4. THANK YOU! This is VITAL information!!

  5. my baby just out grew her bumbo. great product if you use it right

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com


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