being MVP: Cruising Around Town (Neighborhood) with Burley

Cruising Around Town (Neighborhood) with Burley


Kenzie received a Burley D'Lite Child Trailer and it is now Kenzie's favorite mode of transportation.  It came pretty much ready to go out of the box with minor assembly.  It was easy to hook up to my Hello Kitty cruiser (according to my BIL).  Kenzie was strapped in and we were ready for our ride! *Note: Kenzie has since received her helmet in the mail so don't fret safety folks :) 

The D'Lite Child Trailer has the capacity to accomodate two children up to 100 pounds total.  The bowed out sides allow for non-squished children.  Since Kenzie is currently approximately 23 pounds she has years of use to go.  The straps are well padded and the seat seems to be comfortable for Kenzie (both are washable).  You can adjust the recline of the seats by simple adjustments to the velcro straps behind.   


There are tinted side windows and an adjustable sunshade which allows Kenzie to peek out but keeps her protected from sunnny CA sun.  There is also an all weather cover with waterproof zippers for the adventurous (or those lucky to live in Hawaii with their frequent sprinklings).  There is also cargo space behind the seat (how genius) allowing for packing of snacks/drinks/diaper bag/etc.    


I was a bit shaky at first because the balance is a bit different when pulling a bike trailer (especially when riding on sidewalks) but after a few minutes Kenzie and I were cruising!  Even though it was a sunny afternoon, Kenzie was cool and comfortable during the entire ride.  We went up and down the neighborhood and when I momentarily stopped (for a break of course), Kenzie wanted me to keep going.  

The turning radius is beyond imaginable.  I thought it would be difficult but the turn was smooth and not too bumpy for Kenzie.  The safety flag is also great to allow for visibility (I don't know when the flag went down).  We both enjoy our "rides" and cannot wait to take it to the beach.  Must purchase bike rack for the car first.  Burley was kind enough to even send the Baby Snuggler for Bean #2's arrival.  It is rather plush and large (adult size please) and can accomodate tots from 6 months-24 months.  

There are so many other accesories that are compatible with the Burley D'Lite such as the 2 Wheel Stroller Kit, Stroller KitDouble Jogger Kit, Handlebar Console (I'll take one please) and a Storage Cover.  I'll have to decide which stroller conversion kit to purchase so I can use the trailer to the full capacity!  *Note: the D'Lite folds up but since Kenzie was having so much fun, I didn't have the heart to fold it up for a photo.  

The Burley D'Lite retails for about $629 and comes in two color options: Green and Orange.  You can purchase replacement covers in colors yellow, red and blue.

Burley carries an entire range of child trailers to fit every need and budget.    They also are well known for their variety of trailers, pet wagon and trailercycle (so cool).   

Make sure to connect with Burley on Facebook and Twitter for updates and exciting news! 

The used product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.



  1. I like that it comes with a flag. I love the D'Lite Child Trailer but still would be worried that a car wouldn't see it.

  2. Great review and awesome photos to get a sense of real life experience. I see these trailer and always think they are so cool for the kids. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Wow, first of all, love your bike lol second, I like that you covered off how easy it was to maneuver, that would have been my only concern. I love it!

  4. This sounds really easy to adjust and has a lot of features. I didn't realize there was so much to consider!

  5. great pics, I can see how it would take a bit of adjusting to the balance, but looks like you got it in no time!

  6. that is cool, i cant wait till the snow melts so i can get something like this and go for a ride

  7. I have always wanted one of these and soon i will need one for grandkids

  8. That's strange that you know someone named Burley! That was my grandfather's name and I hadn't heard of anyone else named that!

    Dropping by from the Alexa Hop! New GFC follower! Can I get a follow back please? Thanks!


  9. How cool is that?! Great photos...they really showcase the product well.

  10. Don't have little one who'll fit this stroller but love ur bike.

    Would u mind sharing brand of ur bike with me; also where to purchase. Gotta have it!


  11. Thanks for this review! My husband has been wanting to get one for our 2 year old!

  12. I love that..she looks so,comfy in it

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