being MVP: So Fresh and So Clean with BuggyLove & One for You!

So Fresh and So Clean with BuggyLove & One for You!

Grimy wheels, spilled liquids, dirty shade, crusted fabric and much more plague Kenzie's stroller(s).  Buggy Love came to the rescue with their organic stroller cleaning kit.  I have to admit that my sole cleaning method was the baby wipe which naturally did not do a stellar job.  Buggy Love's kit came with the following:  Fresh Love (for all-over refreshening), Polish Love (for the grime in wheels/frame), Fabric Love (for stains on surfaces/fabric), Wheel Love (for squeaks), Scrub Love (for the wheels), MicroLove (cloth) and Bag O'Love to put all your products in.   

My main concern was the fabric that couldn't be washed in the washing machine.  Fabric Love is awesome and easy to use.  The smell is refreshing and not the usual cleaning supply smell that is atrocious and disappealing.  The stroller shade (what is the technical name?) becomes dirty due to it touching the ground and/or the trunk.  I couldn't get it clean no matter what method/product I tried.  My mom's hubs even tried on one of our previous strollers with some toxic (smelled like it) stuff and no success.  BuggyLove to the rescue - just squirt and rub with cloth :)  I definitely encourage everyone to keep this bottle of "miracle" in their stroller/trunk for quick cleaning.

I also love Fresh Love especially when your child gets sick while in the stroller or there are just odd smells one cannot tackle - so fresh and so clean clean!  Wheel Love is perfect for those pesky squeaky noises that appear out of nowhere.  I like that it's all-natural :)  

Polish Love is definitely the hardest worker out of the bunch.  It deals with the actual frame and wheels.  We don't go off-roading with our strollers but there is grime and dust present.  This takes it right off with ease.  

All the products are organic.  Yes it's the only organic stroller cleaner on the market.  I actually used the Fabric Love on our carseat as well as the Fresh Love - ahhhh clean again.      

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  1. FB name: Kathy Newsom Davis
    GFC name: Mrs. Kathy Davis

  2. Mine definately needs Fresh Love! There has been so many things discarded and spilled in there by my son its really questionable... lol. It would be nice to clean it up for my daughter to use this summer.

  3. Mine needs Fabric Love in a big way! :)

  4. My grandsons stroller needs a good cleaning.. awaiting the arrival of a new baby sister

  5. GFC: MichelleS

  6. My little niece needs something like fresh, clean and cute :-)
    (Fiona N)

  7. I so need the fabric love. Between snacks, accidents and occasional thrown ups this would be great!
    kelleynutrition at gmail dot com

  8. my stroller needs alot of love under it, we have found alot of mud that gets stuck

    christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

  9. My stroller needs the Wheel Love. My husband is about ready to just buy new wheels for it!
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  10. I like the FabricLOVE by BuggyLOVE

  11. I added this to my registry. It would make a great gift to keep my B-ready sparkling!


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