being MVP: Is it Almost Valentine's Day Already? Celebrate with Tiny Prints!

Is it Almost Valentine's Day Already? Celebrate with Tiny Prints!

Tiny Prints | Big Impressions, Little Packages

I love Tiny Prints and they have outdone themselves with the awesome selection of Valentine cards for kids.  Kenzie is to start daycare in February so I will be busy preparing Valentine's goodies for her "classmates".  

The following Valentines Day Greeting Cards would all make great choices for Kenzie's 1st official Valentine's Day celebration: 

Blushing Beauty   

Valentine's Day Cards for Kids Blushing Beauty - Front : Wild Strawberry

Love Letters

Valentine's Day Cards for Kids Love Letters - Front : Linen

Dandy Candy

Valentine's Day Cards for Kids Dandy Candy - Front : White

I remember the best Valentines being those with a big box of treats aka candy!  I also remember making my Valetines box with the slot at the top for friends/admirers (haha) to place their cards/treats in.  It was so much fun decorating those and I can't wait to make those memories with Kenzie.  I will have to get my creative juices flowing to make sure Kenzie gives out the best to her new mates.

Kenzie, on the other hand, is not really given candy (she's 2!) so I'll need to think of something fantastic to give her.  Hubs and I usually don't do anything special for V-day (I know) but now that she is a bit more aware we should make it a special day for her :)  Any suggestions?        

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I will receive 50 Valentines cards but all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Love Tiny Prints! They always have the cutest designs :)

  2. I love Tiny Prints I have gotten stuff from them before.

  3. Tiny Prints is the best! I love so many of their designs.

  4. Kenzie is the same age as my kids (no candy also, yet...). I'm loving all the Valentine's cards that people are posting about. Reminds me of the "good old days".

  5. I love the idea of using Tiny Prints for holiday cards and Valentine's. I didn't do so great a job with Vday cards this year at my child's MDO as I bought store bought cards and this year want to be more creative!

  6. love the blushing beauty. I love tiny prints

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