being MVP: Banana Design Lab - A Blogtastic Extravanganza 3.0 Sponsor Spotlight!

Banana Design Lab - A Blogtastic Extravanganza 3.0 Sponsor Spotlight!


A Blogtastic Extravanganza 3.0 Sponsor Spotlight


Banana Design Lab sent Kenzie the most adorable night light - ChuChi!  ChuChi is a plush toy made of super soft fur with two different glow options that can be changed by the click of a button in the hand.  The head emits a soft yellow light that can be used to "chase monsters from their shadowy hiding spots" and also as a lantern for nighttime trips to the bathroom.  The body encases a red heart beat that pulses.  It is very light in weight and has an automatic shut-off (2 minutes) to help with battery life (batteries included yay!).

Kenzie loves to hug her ChuChi and while it doesn't really fulfill it's ultimate function of scaring away monsters (yet), Kenzie enjoys the glow nonetheless.  I think she loves saying its name most of all.

Banana Design Lab also offers other neat products such as My Beating Heart for both big kids (me) and little ones (review/giveaway coming soon), Flickering Candelabra, Fireplace Simulacra, Deep Sea Anglerfish (a neat gift I need for my brother) and Hanukkah Electronica.  All the products are available on or you can do a search for a local store.     

Purchase ChuChi HERE!

WIN IT!  Banana Design Lab is offering a ChuChi (ARV $32) for A Blogtastic Extravaganza 3.0!  Be sure to come back January 23rd when the event begins!   

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  1. I think my niece would love this bear. Her mama just dies, and it would probably very soothing.

  2. This bear would be perfect for my grandson! It would be so comforting and soothing for him!

  3. My oldest is a mover in her sleep. She doesn't cuddle with anything to fall asleep. As long as she has her Twilight Turtle, she's good. However, my youngest does need a lovie and I think this would be the perfect nightlight cuddler for her!

  4. This is so cute.. I love it. It would be great for my son who is afraid of the dark.. something to cuddle and give a little light.


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