being MVP: Arm's Reach - A Blogtastic Extravaganza 3.0 Sponsor Spotlight!

Arm's Reach - A Blogtastic Extravaganza 3.0 Sponsor Spotlight!


A Blogtastic Extravanganza 3.0 Sponsor Spotlight


Arm's Reach sent us the Curved Mini in Cocoa Hibiscus.  This is a co-sleeper that also converts into a freestanding bassinet and is portable.  We didn't have a bassinet for Kenzie but rather a crib from the get go that didn't get much use (ever).  I breastfed so out of laziness and sleep exhaustion, I ended up nursing Kenzie next to me in my own bed and then letting her stay there throughout the night.  I did try putting her into the crib after every feeding but after the countless nights of no sleep and messy spitup that prompted me to change the sheets while eyes half shut, I gave up.  

I wish I had known of the great necessity for a co-sleeper or bassinet several years ago.  The Arm's Reach Curved Mini is very compact and will work in many rooms.  When opened, it is very spacious and secure.  The Co-Sleeper promotes bonding and allows for greater sleep.  It's a very safe alternative to bed sharing - another fear of mine that kept me awake while Kenzie snoozed in between nightly feedings.  Easy assembly - click all the sides up to lock in place, place mattress on top with sheet and you are ready to go!  There are generous pockets on each side of the Curved Mini where one can store diapers, creams, wipes, etc.  There are wheels on one side of the co-sleeper for easy movement from room to room, if needed.      

Arm's Reach also offers Leg Extensions for those who have a high bed and need to raise the Co-Sleeper to level with the mattress.  We actually have a one piece bed (no box spring) and our bed frame is rather low so we didn't have to use the extensions.  I like that there are different options for extra sheets.  They fit perfectly with your co-sleeper.  The Curved Mini comes with one sheet but extra are definitely encouraged as many spitups will occur (trust me). 

The Co-Sleeper is recommended for babies up to 5 months of age or until or when babe begins to push up on hands & knees - thus you will get plenty of use (and sleep) during those months.  As you can see in the photo with the model doll, the quarters are perfect for a baby out of womb to feel comfortable and secure.  The included mattress is not too soft nor thick.  I checked on Kenzie so many times to make sure she was still breathing (it will happen to you too first timers!) but since this bassinet is so close you will almost be able to hear your babe breathing so as to provide you comfort. 

Attaching your Co-Sleeper to your bed is easy peasy (after you've read the directions of course).  There is a resistance plate with nylon straps that go across the bed into the position you want to attach your co-sleeper.  Our weekly sheets were black when I took the photos but it is securely attached to my side of the bed (of course). 

There is generous underneath storage available to store blankets, burpees and other things you may need offhand but don't want to take up obnoxious space. There are also notations around the co-sleeper that show you exactly where one pushes to unlock the sides (gentle pushes work).   

Conversion to a free standing bassinet is simple.  Just unlock the bottom bar by pushing up with your foot, then de-velcro the 3 straps in the center of the top bar, unlock by pushing in where indicated and raising the bar to the top by sliding in the plastic corners.  Voila - easy for even me to figure out.

Packing up in the included travel bag is a snap.  Unlock all the bags and then fold.  Strap the mattress around the co-sleeper then pack up.  I am most definitely excited to use the Arm's Reach Curved Mini Co-Sleeper when bean arrives.  There are so many benefits (besides not being afraid of rolling over tot in your own bed) to the Co-Sleeper that I encourage every parent who wants to experience the awesome bonding experience while getting healthy shut-eye to pick one up.  It would also make an awesome baby shower gift!         

Arm's Reach offers many different styles of co-sleepers to fit every budget and aesthetic.  One of my favorites is the Sleigh Bed in Espresso

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