being MVP: On the Go Nutrition with Baby Gourmet!

On the Go Nutrition with Baby Gourmet!

I am always worried about Kenzie getting the proper nutrition because she is picky about what she eats.  Baby Gourmet truly is unique from the other pouches Kenzie has tried because of the flavor combinations such as Juicy Pear and Garden Greens; Orchard, Apple, Carrot and Prune; Harvest Pear, Pumpkin and Banana; Baby's Sweet Potato Pie; Roasted Squash and Fruit Medley; Apple, Sweet Potato, Berry Swirl; Old Fashioned Apple Crisp; Vanilla Banana Berry Risotto; and Tropical Banana Bliss!

Baby Gourmet sent Kenzie two full boxes of all of their varieties for her to nosh on.  These pouches are packed full of organic yumminess with no thickeners or fillers, no added sugar (yay!), no added salt, Kosher in BPA-free re-sealable packaging.  Baby Gourmet is also USDA, FDA and organic certified.  The best part is that they are available at Walmart - who doesn't have a Walmart near them?  You can ensure that your child gets the best nutrition at an affordable price.  

I was afraid Kenzie had "outgrown" food pouches as my MIL informed me.  However, when I showed the the photos on the Baby Gourmet pouches and named all the ingredients she repeated and took the pouch!  It's fun to see how she reacts to the new flavor combinations.  I believe she likes the Vanilla Banana Berry Risotto and Roasted Squash and Fruit Medley the best.  

These are great to keep in the diaper bag for a quick snack while in the car or while out and about.  For younger tots they would make the perfect meals.

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The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. I love reading your posts just for the pics! Kenzie is such a doll

  2. In a pinch, my 3yo still loves a puree "smoothie" (as we call them) pouch. I don't buy them often, I usually make babyfood at home, but it's nice to have them in the diaper bag just in case!

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  4. what cool combinations. would love m
    for my daughter to try the risotto one.


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