being MVP: Growing Up with Kalencom & One for You!

Growing Up with Kalencom & One for You!

Kalencom has four distinct divisions and I was happy to review products from their Infant Division.  I received the beautiful and functional City Slick Diaper Bag.  Since Kenzie is a bit older I wanted a diaper bag that could also function as a normal "bag".  This bag is wonderfully modern and sleek.  It is a roomy bag but not overtly heavy.  My favorite feature is that the bag is water repellent inside and outside - still crucial with Kenzie being a toddler.             

There are multiple storage pockets on the inside and a handy one on the outside where I keep extra tissues for snotty winter noses.  I also store coupons in this outside pocket.  There is also a coordinating padded changing pad that includes a ribbon tie (more for aesthetic purposes I believe).  I like that there is the option to use the City Slick as a shoulder bag and cross-body bag (removable strap).  Detachable stroller straps are also included.      

The City Slick diaper bag includes a matching Thinsulate insulated bottle bag.  Kenzie's straw bottles are a big large and fit snugly in the bottle bag.  I wish there was an insulated pouch built into the bag but I'm sure Kenzie will be cup proficient in a few months so I don't have to carry around a "bottle" for her.  

My new bag gets 5 stars on design detail.  The bag is stylish yet not overtly trendy.  There is silver hardware detail on the front, sides and strap.  One can not tell from first glance that this is even a diaper bag!  All in all I am very satisfied with my fabulous City Slick bag.

Kenzie started using the "potty" about a week ago.  She gave herself the green light.  I am so delighted and it was generous of Kalencom to send Kenzie the 2 in 1 Potette Plus.  I'm not a big fan of public restrooms and even panic myself if I am faced with a dirty potty.  Can you imagine my fear of Kenzie using one or having to go while we are traveling?  My fears are dimished with the amazing features of the 2 in 1 Potette Plus.  It serves as a self-standing potty as well as a toilet topper!  It folds flat so perfect for storing in the car or even as a second at grandma's house.  The best feature is the disposable liners.  Kenzie can potty in sanitary conditions with her new 2 in 1 Potette Plus!  

Kalencom has a vast selection of diaper bags, layette, potty training and accesories.  Some of my favorites are: 

       Cosi-bag No Sleeves

Seat Belt Snoozer

Week-ender Bag

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  1. I like the bags from the Solstice Collection!
    abgillette at

  2. Love the city slick diaper bag!!!

  3. I follow on GFC - Jayne Townsley.

    I would get a couple of the pacifier pods.

  4. I love the Laminated Buckle Bag in Spize Girls!

  5. GFC LisaMarie

    5-Piece Tote Set

  6. i love the 2 in 1 Potette Plus

  7. Love the laminated buckle belt in gupsy paisley red

  8. I would buy something from the Doodlebugs Layette collection. My daughter Katie is finally expecting after many long years of waiting for this little miracle. Thanks, Kathy
    GFC follower as Mrs. Kathy Davis
    Kathy Davis

  9. I would get the Key Purse - O'Floral.
    gfc - Jessica Snook

  10. Leggings with no Feet - Plum
    Potette Plus Liners - 30 Liners

  11. I like the seat belt snoozer or the quick change kits.


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