being MVP: Being Environmentally Saavy with Reusable ChicoBag & One for You!

Being Environmentally Saavy with Reusable ChicoBag & One for You!

It seems as if most retailers are jumping on the reusable bag band wagon.  However, not all bags are quite as reusable as others.  My mother-in-law is a sucker big supporter of the grocery/retail stores and their bags for $1-$2.  She brings them over to our house all the time.  The problem is that most of these bags do not last more than 1 or 2 trips to the market.  I don't expect superior quality for the $1-$2 cost but shouldn't it last a bit longer?

ChicoBag brings new meaning to the word reusable.  Or rather they ARE reusable in the definitive sense!  I try to be eco-conscious when I am able to but sometimes it is a bit of a hassle to keep those baggies in the car.  ChicoBags are different.  There is a built-in pouch for you to fold this thin but mighty bag into for minimal storage space.  The Vita Colors in the Sky has a large capacity despite the light and thin material.  We fit one entire grocery load into the bag!  Granted we do go to the market several times a week....but I am more motivated to use this bag not only because it is fun, it is easy to keep in the car!    

The Sling rePETe is another functional bag perfect for the market.  However, I can also use it for everyday to carry lunch bag, purse and other goodies to work.  *Also works as booty minimizer* It would also work for carrying some of Kenzie's things while traveling.  The Sling rePETe also includes an attached pouch to stuff into itself for easy storage.  

ChicoBag offers many other products using the same materials:  Microbags, Day Packs, Messenger Bags, Bottle Slings, Duffle Bags, Produce Bags and much more!  

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  1. I like the Merlot color!

  2. I like the shitake or the cinnabar

  3. I like the Sling rePETe bag in Glacier.

  4. The Merlot and Tourmaline are my favorite!

  5. Olive Branch!

  6. I like the bag in Granite.

    GFC - TommyGirl

  7. I like the glacier bag with merlot lettering

  8. I did NOT complete the Post this giveaway entry! I clicked it in error!

  9. Shitake color

    Crystal mexico

  10. I like the Glacier bag.
    gfc - Jessica Snook


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