being MVP: Super Sale on Disney Princess Solid Wood Doll Accessories!

Super Sale on Disney Princess Solid Wood Doll Accessories!

There is an amazing sale on Disney Princess Solid Wood Doll Accessories going on right now.  Kenzie definitely loves her Princess so much that when we were at the Disney store yesterday she pushed the serving tray (with tea set) out of the door!  Security no doubt came running after her and I calmy assured them that she would be returning.  My brother said she is going to end up putting me in jail....   

The following items are all $19 EACH!  Perfect for a holiday gift.  Hurry because supplies are limited :)  Guess who is getting some Disney Princess loot for her Christmas Birthday?

Doll Stroller - Retail $59.99

Doll Cradle - Retail $69.99

Doll Highchair - Retail $49.99

Doll Pram - Retail $89.99

Doll Swing - Retail $49.99


  1. Oh my goodness! Those are adorable!! My niece would love them!

  2. Awww al of those are so cute. wish I caught the sale

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

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