being MVP: Lounging and Napping on a Big Donut from Woombie

Lounging and Napping on a Big Donut from Woombie

Kenzie received the Woombie Eco'Toddler Donut in Spring for review and she took to it immediately saying "nite nite".  The Eco'Toddler Donut is the perfect for taking along to grandma's house.  Kenzie has fallen off my inlaws bed twice and I am excited to say that the Woombie Eco'Toddler Donut will be going to the inlaws with Kenzie from now on.     

The Eco'Toddler Donut is the perfect size (L: 40" W: 30") for Kenzie who will be 2 on Christmas.  There is plenty of room for her to play with her toys, lounge/chill and nap/sleep.  Kenzie does move around and changes positions constantly when sleeping but she stays within the Donut's boundaries.    

The Woombie Eco'Toddler Donut is covered with an Ultra Plush Minky Dot fabric and is Non Flammable with No Halogenated Flame Retardants!  It also zips in half to make it super portable and easy to store.  A real bonus to the Donut is that it is machine washable - yay for cleanliness :)  

Kenzie played a bit, lounged a bit, then fell asleep.  The Woombie Eco'Toddler Donut is recommended for ages 2-6 so Kenzie will be able to use it for a long time as well as her future sibling(s).  The "bumpers" are generously cushioned and can be used directly on hardwood floors as well as carpet (we have hardwood floors and Kenzie did not have any issues with it being directly placed on them).       

Woombie's fantastic collection includes: swaddles, mittens, sleepers, blankets, dolls and afterbath care.   The Mox Mittens rock! 

You can find Woombie on facebook and twitter :)

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  1. I LOVE that Toddler Donut!! It looks awesome!! :)

    residentmayor at

  2. OMGosh I have never seen this before - I LOVE THIS!! This would be so perfect for my 2 yr old!!

    Thanks for this post, I am going to head over to the site and peek around :)

  3. I love it! Hayden would love that soo much.. and the kids could play on it. Noah is all about climbing all over everything right now.

  4. Oh! I need one of these for my son! He rolls all over and sometimes off onto the floor!

  5. i would love that for my daughter!

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com


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