being MVP: Doodling Allowed on Fisher-Price's Doodle Bear

Doodling Allowed on Fisher-Price's Doodle Bear

The majority of us grew up with Fisher-Price toys - the brand is classic.  Kenzie received the new Doodle Bear to review and boy does she love it.  It's a stuffed bear like no other -  the fabric can be doodled on with the included markers/stamps, then thrown in the wash to become new/clean again ready for another round of fun! 

*Note: I forgot to put the bear in a pillowcase as recommended before throwing it into the wash but since I washed it with a load of sheets/towels I did not experience any problems - came out like new!  

The Doodle Bear comes with 2 dual-tipped markers (drawing tip on one end with a stamper on the other).  Kenzie enjoyed stamping "butteplies" and "harts" on her bear.  She also scribbled on bear's butt and eye.  An occasional tug on bear's ears and foot wasn't missed.  I like that there is elastic on the back of the bear to hold the markers.  The bear also comes with a sweet stencil which Kenzie has yet to master - soon though.         

I told Kenzie that she can only "doodle" on Doodle Bear and she is slowly but surely understanding that concept - thank goodness!  Kenzie wailed a bit when I told her I had to wash her bear but when I handed her the clean bear to doodle on, a big smile appeared.  Fisher-Price's Doodle Bear is a great toy for children of all ages and would make a great holiday gift.

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  1. I like this, but I am afraid my girls would start doodling on their other dolls. Patricia.

  2. I don't like toys like this, for exactly the reason Patricia stated.

  3. Im not sure i like the concept o the doodle bear either but Kenzie looks so darn cute with hers. "Butteplies"... Love it

  4. would love that for my niece

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