being MVP: Bubbly Goodness at Home with Sodastream

Bubbly Goodness at Home with Sodastream

Soda Maker Machine - SodaStream

I was excited to receive the Sodastream because Hubs drinks so much soda at home that Kenzie points to the soda bottles and says "daddy".  Guess who doesn't like bottles of soda cluttering up our teeny tiny kitchen?  Me!  The Sodastream is great because it is easy to use, easy to clean and no CRV to pay!  I usually don't drink soda at home but it's fun to make for Hubs.     

The Fountain Jet Sodastream was easy to assemble: take out of box, insert carbonator, wash carbonating bottle [cold water only] = ready for use.  Fill carbonating bottle to the fill line with cold water, place in sodastream, pump 3-4 times until you hear the "pop", remove from sodastream, tilt bottle slightly while adding flavor, shake gently and voila - ready to drink! 

My trials were a bit like Goldilocks and The Three Bears - too little carbonation (root beer), too much carbonation (lemon lime), just right carbonation (diet cola).  I like that the Sodastream does not take up a lot of room and is great for the environment.  There are a variety of soda flavors as well as sparkling water flavors.  There are also health benefits (I know it's still soda) to making your own soda at home:  significantly less sugar, less calories, less carbs and less sodium.   

The Sodastream is definitely a great addition to our kitchen - plus it looks so fancy.  The drinks are quick to make and easy to store (the bottle is not at large as a standard 2-liter so takes up less room in the fridge).   The value is also great for making your own.  I've been making "fresh" soda for Hubs everyday!

Check out all the fantastic machines and flavors at Sodastream as well as follow them on twitter and fan them on facebook!

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  1. Thanks for the review! I love my Sodastream - or I did until my son took it to school with him :(

  2. He He. Isn't funny how quick kids learn things. I have always wanted to try one of these. I have heard good reviews, but then again do I want to become addicted? Thanks. Patricia

  3. We haven't gotten one, but this seems like a great product! I'm really intrigued! I'm sure it can make a great holiday gift!

  4. I so want one of these!!!

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