being MVP: Traveling the World Through Putumayo Kids World Culture Collection

Traveling the World Through Putumayo Kids World Culture Collection

Putumayo Kids Presents: The World Culture Collection

Kenzie loves her Acoustic Dreamland CD from Putumayo Kids.  It's the go to for falling asleep in the car.  Putumayo Kids recently launched a World Cuture Collection which includes Coloring Books and Sticker Collections featuring Africa, Latin America and Europe.  This collection features the Putumayo CD illustrator, British artist, Nicola Heindl.  The folkloric style is very appealing and the colors in the illustrations are vibrant and rich.  The entire collection is printed with soy inkvery eco-friendly!  Putumayo Kids has taken a "100% replanted" approach and supports global reforestation efforts - Thank you for helping our Planet!

Kenzie discovered "stickers" and "coloring" from Art classes at Gymboree.  Hubs has even allowed Kenzie to sticker up one wall of the kitchen (currently 1.5 stickers on designated wall, several others scattered throughout the house). 


We received the Africa Coloring Book and the Europe Sticker Collection.  

The Europe Sticker Collection (ARV $11.95) is great because it includes a whopping 120 reusable stickers! Wow - especially with a toddler who constantly likes to stick, unstick, stick, unstick...I especially like the Landmarks and Instruments section as well as a Map of Europe (I can show Kenzie where she was conceived one day haha).  The sticker collection landmark is printed on a thick board so very durable.   

The Africa Coloring Book (ARV $9.95) is large in size and I love it!  There is a glossary of animals and instruments as well as a map.  The outlines of animals as well as scenes are fantastic and the book even includes a "create your own scene" portion. 

You can preview all the pages of the coloring book on the site - how genius is that?   Kenzie loves animals and this is the perfect way for her to learn more names and make associations as well as perfect her "coloring" - which consists of scribbling lines at the moment but will improve with practice.   I know I am depriving Kenzie of her full potential of being an artist by limiting her to colored pencils but crayons are seriously messy!  

I highly recommend that you check out the Putumayo Kids World Culture Collection which is very reasonable in price.  They would make the perfect gift for any child wanting to learn about other countries.  Kenzie is having fun learning all the words in the books as I am having fun listening to her pronunciations!  I also recommend the Putumayo Kids CDs as well!   

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I received these items to review, but all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Oh my gosh, my daughter would truly LOVE the "Coloring Books and Sticker Collections featuring Latin America." My in-laws are from Ecquador and my daughter is fascinated with anything 'Latin American.' I'm thinking "Stocking Stuffer!"
    kimbuckjr at yahoo dot com

  2. your daughter is adorable! so cute. My son would love he stickers hes sticker crazy

  3. We love Putomayo! Didn't know they made coloring books, I will have to check it out!

  4. looks like she's having fun

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com


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