being MVP: It's That Time of Year Again.... Party Planning Woes

It's That Time of Year Again.... Party Planning Woes

So last year for Kenzie's 1st Birthday a lot of time was spent in the planning process - somewhat of a mini wedding.  In the Korean culture the 1st Birthday is a big deal where some parents go all out and spend upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.  That obviously was not the case for us but we did go into the thousands of dollars mainly because we chose a venue with good food (Japanese). 

I made the cutest invitations (took a lollipop idea from The TomKat Studio) and Hub's co-worker helped with the graphics.  I made all the gumball/candy centerpieces and Rita put together the name banner and pinwheels (so much work!).  I actually won the banner so that was a relief and I purchased the dol towers from someone who painstakingly made them.          

My mother in law picked up the rice cake and cake (I won the topper which has the same Korean outfit as Kenzie).  She also purchased Kenzie's hanbok when she traveled to Korea earlier in the year.   

Kenzie's refusal to take a nap caused her to be cranky during most of the party and she even balled when doing the "what is your future" (doljabi) game.  I'm guessing it was all the pressure of the entire room focused on what object she would grab (there's a prize associated with the item of course).      

Overall, I think people enjoyed themselves because of the food.  Good food = happy guests.  The day went by in a whirlwind and then my work holiday dinner was the same day so I was just exhausted at the end of the day.

For Kenzie's 2nd Birthday I really didn't want to do anything besides a small immediate family get together.  However, when you have a child you somehow get invited to so many other kid's birthday parties throughout the year and it just doesn't feel right not to have one for your own child when their big day comes around.

Since Kenzie was born on Christmas morning I need to plan ahead for the actual party date.  I am thinking of the first weekend of December so I actually have a little over a month to get it finalized.  Since we live in a small condo having it at our home is not feasible.  On my mind:  venue, food, theme, decor, favors.  Kenzie currently is infatuated with Elmo, Pocoyo and Barney.  It's time to get my think on :)    


  1. Happy Birthday to Kenzie. We have December Birthday too. I think our theme is going to be Juno Baby...have you checked them out? Patricia

  2. What a beautiful party! Kenzie is so cute! They do advise to give very small parties the first couple of years, as it is mind-boggling for them. The excitement wears them out!

  3. Kenzie you had a great big party!

    I dont blame you for wanting to do something smaller for her 2nd BDay. Christmas babies are so hard to plan a party for- or any baby born on a holiday- it all gets jumbled in.
    Whatever you do, I am sure it will be lovely- and she will have a better time as she gets older.

  4. New follower from the sits girls forum.

  5. I liked your page on Facebook. She is seriously super cute.

  6. You are amazing. i think the way you celebrate babys first in your culture is awesome, but obviously alot of work/ I love the pic of your baby girl in her outfit, she is beaytiful.

  7. Looks like you did a fantastic job!

    Parties are stressful.. we have family parties at our house, it takes so much work to do a good deep cleaning, and then all the prep takes a surprising amount of time. And then when we invite some people, we have to invite others. A lot of 'politics' involved. You did a wonderful job!

  8. everything came out so beautiful. I planning my daughters 1st birthday now. I have almost two months.


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