being MVP: Bouncy Bouncy Tigger

Bouncy Bouncy Tigger

Toddler Tigger Halloween Costume, 00566580

Kenzie received her Anytime Costumes Tigger costume from A Mom's Balancing Act.  I chose size 1-2T but it is a big long in length and the arms are a bit long also.  Kenzie will be 22 months next week but she is on the small side.  We can definitely make the costume work for trick or treating this year.  The costume is one-piece and very well made.  I told Hubs he should be Pooh and I would be Piglet -- however, I haven't found adult sized costumes yet :)  I am excited that Kenzie will be able to walk around and ring doorbells this year.  Pics of Halloween will be posted later (stock photo used above but I'm sure y'all figured out it wasn't Kenzie). 

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  1. my nephew had the same costume for his first halloween. so cute

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com


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