being MVP: Stroller Envy Satisfied?

Stroller Envy Satisfied?

Since I found out I was pregnant I have always wanted the "latest and greatest" stroller.  Living in Orange County on a budget for baby items is rather difficult...especially when one sees all the neat-o strollers being pushed around by posh svelte mommies toting their designer diaper bags and teetering on Louboutins.  My friend and I would daydream about being one of these mommies while we would sit out people-watching during our lunch break from work.  "Daydream" is the imperative word here.   

Reality:  I ended up with a car seat/stroller combo which my mother picked out at Babies R'Us since it was "practical and matches".  The carseat was heavy with babe in it (I don't know how those women hang the carseat on one arm!).  The stroller was easy to fold but was not really stylish.  Needless to say that we ended up buying another stroller, or rather I ended up buying another stroller, after seeing someone with it at a baby show.  I of course purchased that on eBay and ended up selling it after only a couple months use.  That one worked out well but still was not on my ENVY list.  Oh and if you were wondering about the carseat/stroller combo - that one was sold as well (almost new) at a super low price but I tell myself since it went to someone who really needed it - it was charitable in a sense.

Kenzie received the Britax B-Ready Stroller from Two of a Kind.  I have heard only good things about Britax so I was excited to try it out.  Background:  Kenzie is not a stroller babe.  She squirms and does not want to sit in it for long periods of time unless I bribe her with something (usually food or promises of seeing doggies).  My theory has been that since she was not exposed to a "luxury" stroller since birth, she has loathed her strollers - yes I understand this is MY theory.  

The Britax B-Ready is pretty bulky/wide and takes up much of the trunk space in our SUV (I am guessing this is due to additional second child accomodation which will come in handy when we have babe #2).  However, upon pushing it for the first time, SMOOTH SAILING AHEAD!  One can easily maneuver this stroller with one hand.  I also love the TWO insulated cup holders on the underneath storage - which is very spacious (held an entire day's worth of shopping bags).  The cupholder was a bit filmsy and I anticipate it breaking off soon (crossing fingers it won't).  I also wish the shade was a bit larger because I am a bit neurotic about sun exposure.  Overall, it is the sturdiest stroller we have had thus far and can go over sidewalk bumps with ease.  On our walk to the park, a neighbor exclaimed that it was the "Cadillac of strollers" and gals at the mall with my previous carseat/stroller combo oohed at the Britax.     
Do I still have stroller envy?  Let's see... I saw a Stokke, Bugaboo and Orbit while I was maneuvering our "TANK CART" (new nickname for the Britax) through the crowds.  What do you think?


  1. I am with you. There are amazing stroller out there that I can only dream to have...especially when $ is and issue. It looks like that Britax is nice and has some good features. Maybe one day you can get the one you heart desires!!! Good luck with baby #2. Patricia

  2. I just want to say that last weekend I watched the most devasting thing happen with that red stroller in the top left. We were at the zoo and we were commenting on it to the dad. We thought it was cool and great that it could rotate. Then not even 5 minuites later the dad and his older daughter were looking at another exhibit when it BROKE!! The poor baby in the stroller didnt stand a chance and fell head first onto the pavement. It was devastating!! No one was anywhere near the stroller to cause the accident, it just broke. I dont think ill be buying that one anytime soon or be envious of it either for that matter.

  3. I always have stroller envy too.. but money is better spent in other ways like diapers and wipes. I will keep strolling along with my chicco.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

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