being MVP: Making Friends is Super Easy!

Making Friends is Super Easy!

Sorry for the random posting times but I'm too cheap to pay $15 per day for internet...especially while on vacation.  I hoof it to the lobby or balcony area for the free "lite" internet.  Regular programming to resume next week :)  That said....

We are having a fantastic time in Kauai on vacation.  Kenzie is making new friends aka fishies and birds/chickens. She constantly wants to see them and talks about them all day long! It also doesn't help that this island is very chicken friendly - meaning there are chickens roaming free everywhere. 

We met some boars and goats today at the Kilohana Plantation and Kenzie enjoyed feeding them.  The weather has been fantastic (forecast was rain all week!) and we have gorged ourselves on delicious food, fresh fruit and ginormous cookies.  Enjoy some pics of Kenzie and her new friends. 


  1. Why pay when you can get the internet for free! Enjoy your vacay...I love that picture of K with the fish. Patricia

  2. vacation time is the best with your little one enjoy. New follower from the hop hope you can come over and say hello

  3. holy cow! $15/day?!lol

    Thanks for sharing!! I know y'all are having a blast..cute pics!

  4. Really cute pics.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

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