being MVP: Seriously Decadent Christmas Cards for 2011... So Pretty You Might Not Want to Share

Seriously Decadent Christmas Cards for 2011... So Pretty You Might Not Want to Share

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Are you thinking of Christmas?  I am.  Since it is also Kenzie's Birthday (no it was not planned that way) I have lots to do.  I like receiving Christmas cards that have photos - why?  Because it gives you a chance to see your relatives/friends that you usually do not connect with through social media. 

Who has some fabulous selections and unmeasurable quality? 
You guessed it - Tiny Prints

They are having a sale right now!   Up to $50 Off Our New Holiday Cards | Code: NEWHOL11 | Ends 9/28

William Arthur Holiday Cards Reindeer Photo Mount
There are so many beautiful choices that one really wants them all!  Or maybe that's just me.  Since we are on our first "family" vacation in Kauai I think we will have a great selection of photos for our Christmas card this year.  

My top two Tiny Prints favorites from their Christmas line:  

1. Tri-Fold Chic Sophistication Gunmetal
Tri-Fold Holiday Cards Chic Sophistication  - Front : Gunmetal
2.   Ornament Card All Ye Faithful Black

Ornament Cards All Ye Faithful - Front : Black

I love these because they express the holiday spirit while being chic.  The Tri-Fold is great because one can use several photos and the Ornament is great because...well can you guess?

The Christmas cards we receive are usually placed on our mantle.  We need to think of another area for this year because Kenzie's playhouse is smack in front of our fireplace/mantle.  I hope we receive ornament cards so we can just put them on the little white christmas tree we purchased for Kenzie last year at the Target After Xmas sale (its debut will be featured here of course).

Do you usually get personalized holiday cards or just forego in the midst of the holiday rush?

I will receive 50 Holiday cards but all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. We use tiny prints for all our cards as well!

  2. Great idea! The best things come in small packages!!

  3. I love Tiny Prints. Awesome designs at a great price.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

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