being MVP: Retiring Armoire for Spacious Babyletto Dresser

Retiring Armoire for Spacious Babyletto Dresser

When Kenzie was born her clothes were kept in our Armoire.  I couldn't find a dresser in our price range that was modern and solid.  I didn't want something from Ikea (I am not hating on Ikea since we have purchased many items from there) or a dresser/changing table combo.  The Armoire was fine since her clothes were itty bitty but as she has started growing up, her clothes are taking up much more room. 

Kenzie received this beautiful Babyletto Modo 5 Drawer Dresser in Espresso from Babyletto.  Hubs put it together while we were visiting grandma in FL.  He said it was very heavy when bringing it up the stairs.  When I first opened the drawers you can smell the real wood.  The drawers glide easily and it is very spacious!  Kenzie's clothes all fit with room for plenty more.  

Babyletto has a fantastic range of modern yet classic, clean furniture that can grow with your baby.  You can find them on facebook and twitter .      

I just need to figure out what to put on top :)


  1. I absolutely LOVE dresser!!! It looks really tall, though. Can you reach the top drawers? (It looks like I wouldn't be able so.)

    I think I would find a nice lamp to put on top of the dresser.


  2. Cute. Maybe you should put big block letter with Kenzie spelled out. By the way I love that name! I love the smell of real wood too! Patricia

  3. love the dresser

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