being MVP: Preparing Nursery for Baby #2 with the Knowledge Gained AFTER #1

Preparing Nursery for Baby #2 with the Knowledge Gained AFTER #1

I have to admit that I discovered "mommy blogs" months after giving birth to Kenzie.  My resources during pregnancy were books and generic searches on Google.  Thank goodness I got my iPhone while I was pregnant!  (I usually get the free phone when it's time to upgrade)  We did not take any baby classes so it was definitely a "winging it" experience. 

Giving birth in the hospital is definitely not as you see on TV.  One nurse and Hubs getting me to push and one doctor coming in last minute to deliver.  Oh did I mention I had a 30 minute lapse between pain medication wearing off and my epidural?  No wonder somone thought of the "push present" - it's a gift well deserved.

*We actually received a package of seventh generation wipes & diapers at our baby shower so that was a bonus!
Seventh Generation has the best Free & Clear Baby Wipes.  These gentle wipes clean baby's bottom with plant-derived ingredients; no alcohol, synthetic cleaners, dyes or fragrances. Whitened without chemicals containing chlorine, these soft cloth wipes are a safe and soft choice to keep your baby’s skin pure and clean.

My top ten tips for preparing for baby #2's arrival:

1.  Make sure the carseat is properly installed before you go to the hospital to deliver baby.  Let's just say that I was sitting in the wheelchair with wrapped 2 day old Christmas morning baby right outside the car as Hubs was figuring out how to install the carseat.  I think I was so exhausted the annoyance factor just lingered in the back of my mind.

2.  If you are planning on breastfeeding a bassinet would be most helpful.  We had certain circumstances where I lived at my inlaws home right before and after giving birth to Kenzie.  Getting up so many times during the night (and having MIL rush in when she heard a cry) and trying to put babe to sleep on her back in normal crib was not pleasant.  

3.  A changing station is most helpful.  I thought I could do without a changing table and used my bed for several months.  After almost falling on baby because my back hurt so much we purchased a changing table.  It relieved the pain and provided a space to neatly organize all things baby - diaper cream, diapers, blankies, wipes, etc.  I was lucky to have received a nice natural baby product set from a co-worker.  FYI - my mother purchased a huge baby powder for me but after reading that it's not good for babies I decided against using it.  I love Wipes - I should have purchased them before baby and definitely will be using them after kid(s) have grown up.  Confession:  I have those plastic food preparation gloves for applying diaper cream.  Anyone else do the same?  

4.  Natural cleaning products are a must!  I love clean homes.  Cleaning homes not so much.  However, since we do not have the luxury of having a live-in housekeeper I do need to keep cleaning supplies on hand for the weeks in between cleanings.  I also like to vacuum every other day.  With the baby crawling on the hardwood floors and trying to gnaw at everything, there is a sense of calm when using natural products.  My most recent switch over has been to Seventh Generation Dish Wash.  There really isn't that much of a difference in COST when choosing the natural cleaning product... only pennies I think.  

5.  Babyproofing:  who knew it was so important?  Even to this day we need to keep Kenzie out of certain areas for her safety.  Gates are used as well as cabinet closures/locks and outlet covers.  We still have to purchase toilet locks and something for our drawers (to keep her fingers from getting crushed).  It is a good idea to plan ahead so as not to get overwhelmed when baby becomes mobile.

6.  Decor:  It is nice to have the luxury of preparing a posh nursery for your baby.  I just knew that if we wanted to paint we needed the "special" paint and had to complete the project before baby's arrival.  Needless to say, circumstances arose and we did not get around to it.  Room darkening curtains have been on my list for awhile.  I just need to find the right ones!  For baby #2 it would be nice to have a bassinet (in our room) and small crib (hello Stokke!) in Kenzie's room.  We only have a 2 bedroom condo so Kenzie has to be nice and share.

7. You thought the stash of diapers you received from your baby shower was taking up too much room?  Hello baby poo!  You will definitely need lots more.  I highly suggest having diapers stashed in the closet if you can.  Babies just go through diapers so quickly and before you know it you are down to your last small stack in the middle of the night.  Please overstock to be safe.

8. Baby sleeping with arms and legs spread everywhere?  I did know the importance of the swaddle.  I read about it and received a couple of handmade "swaddle blankets" at my shower.  I did the makeshift swaddle (not too tight because I did not want my baby to be uncomfortable).  Oh how I was wrong.  Baby #2 will be tightly wrapped in the swaddle blankets every night to ensure good sleeping habits.  I can't tell you how many times I woke up just to try to put babe back to sleep because of the flailing arms.

9. Thought you would be fine with just a handful of bottles?  Although I breastfed, when it was time for Kenzie to try to take the bottle I noticed that I was spending more time cleaning each bottle than she was drinking out of them.  I admit that I probably started too late and she never got the hang of the bottle or she decided she was going to be stubborn and just go with mommy.  Lesson learned for baby #2.  I am going to keep a stockpile of bottles on hand and will alternate between breastfeeding and pumping for the bottles.  The mound of bottles will grow but since I am a handwasher it will be easier to handle washing bottles in rounds to ensure babe #2 always has a clean, fresh bottle to use at any time.

10. Preparing Kenzie for baby #2 will be difficult.  Although she loves playing with other children who are older than her she does not really show an interest in younger children.  She points them out as "babies" but that's about it.  I've read about the "gift from baby to older sibling" so I'll try that as well as reading books about the subject and of course reading other blogs to see what they did to help the transition.

FYI - Baby #2 making in progress :)                  

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  1. I loved my bassinet for the first few months. Now he just sleeps with me. I cannot agree more on the bottles! Even though I breastfeed more than giving a bottle I just don't have enough time to keep up with cleaning and end up with a sink full of bottles and me trying to scramble to clean one.

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  2. Thanks for sharing. I with you on the carseat thing. That was a tough one for us. I think there needs to be classes on proper installation. I also need to look into the natural cleaners. Patricia

  3. Hello! I'm one of your newest followers from the Friday Blog Hop! I would love if you could return the follow! Thank you so much!

  4. Awesome list. Wish I had read this before my baby was born.

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