being MVP: 3 Week Training Thwart Thumbsucking

3 Week Training Thwart Thumbsucking

Kenzie is a thumbsucking expert. It was cute at first but after hearing the constant "sucking" sound on and off all night, (yes we cosleep and yes it is our fault) I knew I desperately needed to find a solution. I had tried the yanking out of the thumb, the lemon juice (who knew Kenzie likes to suck on lemons), wrapping with bandaids (she is a smart cookie and took them right off), the hot nail polish (she must love spicy) and even called the act of thumbsucking "baby" to get her to stop. FAIL! Oh did I forget to mention that I purposefully tried to shove a pacifier into her mouth? Yes I did and on many occasions to boot. She was stubborn.

Every person who saw Kenzie's thumb thought she had a growth of some sort or thought it to be an odd puffy callus. I tried putting lotion on it during periods of non-sucking but it was fruitless. I did a search on the web and ran across Handaid. The concept seemed simple enough and was worth a try contacting the company about Kenzie's habit.

They asked me to take a scan of her hand alongside a ruler. They would choose a product size based on the photo I emailed. They even have different "skin tone" fabrics to make the product more natural. Fantastic! Especially for those tackling thumbsucking in older children.

Day 1: Following Handaid's recommendation of the first 48 hours being the roughest and since the product arrived conveniently on a Saturday, it went right onto Kenzie much to her dismay and resistance. Once on, she immediately begged me to take it off but I held my ground and watched her tears form. I distracted her with food and of course the calm came. She played with the velcro portion on the thumb and gnawed on that for a bit. There was no thumbsucking that night!

Day 2: We went to church with her new Michael Jacksonish/bowler/golfer accessory. Of course people asked what it was (main guess was it was a medical device). Kenzie felt at ease and went to play/run as if she didn't have it on. The material is a suede-like material (very soft and flexible) and there is one screw (childproof yay!). No discomfort at all. The company included two so it can be alternated during the wash/dry period. The information sheet did indicate that a small percentage of children would try sucking from the alternate hand. Guess who tried that? I had to yank the left thumb out several times so far. I think she actually sleeps better with the Handaid on.
The recommended period of "training" is 3 weeks 24/7 taking it off during mealtimes/baths and then 1 week at night. I am very hopeful that the Handaid will help Kenzie break the awful habit of thumbsucking.

Days 3-4: Kenzie has been sucking her other thumb! Egad~ I yank out and actually put the 2nd Handaid on at night. 

Updates to follow.

I received this product to review, but all opinions are 100% my own.


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