being MVP: Went to Birthday Party at Little Prince

Went to Birthday Party at Little Prince

So we went to a birthday party yesterday at Little Prince Cafe.  It's a rather neat place where kids can play while parents have coffee/eat/chat/etc.  There are people to watch your kids at the play area. 

I'm not a fan of the food they serve mainly because it doesn't have too much flavor and the prices are a bit high.  But who really goes for the food right?  It's all about the delight of your children as they play with the toys and ball bin and mini slide and library.

This is our 2nd time here.  The first time Kenzie was not as playful since she couldn't walk yet.  This time she had a ball...literally... and enjoyed herself so much that she had a good night's sleep.

If you want to check it out: 


  1. That does look like a fun place! We have nothing like that here in boring South Carolina lol

    very cute pics!

    Fantastic blog! glad I found you!!

  2. I wish there was a place like that nearby us! Great idea! I just moved here and would love to make some mom friends and get together like that

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  3. What a small World - this is in our neighborhood but I haven't been...It does look gorgeous though!

  4. This looks like so much fun....I wish we had this in Orlando.

  5. cute skirt! looks like she had fun

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