being MVP: Stylish for Baby #2.....ALMOST

Stylish for Baby #2.....ALMOST

Hubs and I are ready for baby #2.  Well we are ready in the sense that we will be rocking some rad duds.  He will be sporting the Daddy Scrubs and I will be flaunting the Hot Mama Gown

When I went to the hospital it was not like you see on television.  No crow of people or doctors in the delivery room.  One nurse and hubs.  We went shortly after midnight so I was not "pretty".  Hospital gown was ugly and open in the back - very breezy.  They didn't offer hubs scrubs to wear so he was in his normal clothes helping me push.  Needless to say, all photos taken are not memorable - except those of Kenzie of course!

I will spare you the photo of my generic gown and fat face :)

So thanks to The Zen Mom for the Daddy Scrubs for hubs and thanks to Hot Mama Gowns for my pretty Antionette gown we are ready for baby #2's delivery.

ALMOST...since baby #2 is still in the making (~_~)

If you want to be stylish in the delivery room check out:


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  3. I wish I had known about the daddy scrubs when I was pregnant. Very cute idea for the daddy's.

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