being MVP: Sony Bloggie is so Sleek but is it better than the Flip?

Sony Bloggie is so Sleek but is it better than the Flip?

I received the Sony Bloggie from their BloggiePalooza.  I was excited because it has the capability to take quality photos and vids with easy uploading.  I like the look of it...slim and sleek.  (I was afraid of dropping it!)  It is fairly easy to use (no manuals were read) and the transfer to computer was quick.  I found that the quality of photos and video indoors was not as clear as when I took photos and video outdoors.

About the Bloggie
Share your world with the compact MHS-TS10 Bloggie Touch™ camera. It features 4GB of built-in storage, good for recording up to two hours of beautiful HD video. You can also snap 12.8-megapixel still photos, with an automatic macro mode that lets you get shoot close-ups from only four inches away. The vivid 3.0" (diag.) capacitive touch screen makes it easy to touch and slide through all of your photos and videos. For simple shooting and reviewing your shots, the screen view automatically rotates from vertical to horizontal depending on how you hold the camera. Finally, there's pre-installed software in the camera that lets you tag your memories for easy uploading to sites like YouTube™ and Facebook®.


Kenzie's church consists of playing and running around.  She enjoyed playing with the slide and push toys and eating her corn of course.

(this one was taken with my phone)


Kenzie's first time in the swimming pool!  She is so darn cute in her ruffled bathing suit.  The water was a bit cool by the time we went (after 5pm) but she enjoyed "swimming" and did not want to leave even as her arms were shivering.  I may need to invest in some larger swimsuits before Kuaui....  

So what do you think?  Can you tell the difference from the Flip video I made in a previous post?   What about photo quality?


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