being MVP: REVIEW: HABA Russian Block Set

REVIEW: HABA Russian Block Set

Kenzie received the HABA Russian Block Set from Imagine Toys.

I have heard good things about the quality of HABA.  Kenzie currently only has the Melissa & Doug Paper Alphabet Blocks and IQ Baby Cloth Blocks so I was excited about these wooden blocks. 

Kenzie upturned the plastic bag the blocks come in and they came tumbling out. She scattered the blocks and made a mess! A few pieces went into her mouth until I told her to stack them instead.

 I demonstrated the stacking and she followed. She is in the "sponge" stage and it is amazing how a child see ones thing and imitates it shortly thereafter.

All in all, I can definitely tell that the HABA blocks are quality made. The wood is smooth thus no need for possible splinter worries. The product recommended age is 5+. I can see Kenzie playing with the blocks but she is not yet capable of building the Russian building. Daddy had to build it while I held Kenzie away (from destroying it).  

The blocks do not come with an instruction manual (just the photos on the box). I am assuming this is because the child is to use his/her imagination in creating a building.  The natural color of the wood is appealing as well as the compact size (when built). 

If you want one check out:   

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[I received this item to review, but all opinions are a 100% my own.]


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