being MVP: REVIEW: Dolly Licorice

REVIEW: Dolly Licorice

Kenzie received Dolly Licorice from Imagine Toys

We purchased a generic baby doll from Target because I thought Kenzie needed a baby like all other toddlers based on media influence.  However, that baby doll has ended up at the bottom of the toy bin.

Kenzie's first reaction upon seeing Dolly Licorice was to smile.  I think it's because she looks like her.  She then proceeded to investigate her face.  The body of the doll is soft and easy to hold.  Kenzie stroked Dolly Licorice's hair and giggled. 

She even had to show her Dolly to daddy!

Dolly was shown the dollhouse, Kenzie attempted to place her in the miniature chair and then gave her kisses!

This is a nice doll that has vibrant colors and will be much loved for many years.  Perfect size for a toddler to take along everywhere.  Highly recommended to those that want to break out of the generic baby mold sold in big box stores. 

One Happy Kenzie with her new Dolly Licorice!

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[I received this item to review, but all opinions are a 100% my own.]


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