being MVP: Bedtime Struggle

Bedtime Struggle

Lately, it has been a struggle getting Kenzie to go to bed at night.  She just wants to play even though she is sleepy.  Last night we went on a walk to the park and back (in hopes of a sleeping baby on the way back).  Kenzie usually fights sitting in the stroller so it was rather pleasant having her sit in it without fuss.  The weather was a bit chilly (odd since daytime temperatures hoover at 80+) so I brought out the plush myMonkeymoo stroller blanket.  The blue bird design on the blanket is so beautiful and I love the two-sided fabric.  I am glad to let you know that the walk started out with a grumpy Kenzie and ended with a beautiful sleeping baby.

Nightly walks to help Kenzie fall asleep may become a routine... eek!

If you want your own myMonkeymoo check out:

*we also have the coordinating stroller pad & it is lovely!


  1. I had to do that with my daughter for a while, too! I'm a new follower, hope you can stop by my blog.

  2. SO funny this is what I did to get her to take an afternoon nap today! I just took one long walk in the sunshine. Hang in there...we'll get through this! :)

    New follower here,

    :) Thanks for the giveaways

  3. Well walks are better than screaming matches! I was out of town for a week and since then little one has been horrible with sleeping, which was perfect before!

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  4. super cure blanket! I used to drive my kids around until they fell asleep, Now that they're older they fight sleep & wanna stay up late, its hard especially in the summer when we are way more lenient, but getting back to routine is so hard!

  5. Thats a great idea...we have been having the bedtime struggle for a while now, but I think we are finally getting a grip on it.
    (This is my extra entry to the $25 cash giveaway)

  6. the blanket looks so soft and comfy

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